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Spoofing prevention with DMARC Monitoring

I understand that in addition to an SPF record, DKIM and DMARC should also be setup to help prevent 3rd parties spoofing the sender domain. At the moment, setting up DMARC is problematic as we have no system that is capable of receiving the DMARC (XML) reports to extract useful information from. Mail Assure could also encompass the reporting based on the DMARC reports, this would encourage / help in setting them up. ...more »

Submitted by (@wayneb)

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whitelist should not bypass virus scanning checks

Whitelisted addresses should not bypass virus scanning checks in the spam filter. Please submit your idea with care. Remember to tell us *what* you want to do, *why* you want to do it, and *who* it will benefit. What : Mail Assure spam filter to stop viruses from being delivered to mailboxes. Why : nobody needs to receive an emailed virus, even if the address is whitelisted (or the whitelisted address is spoofed). ...more »

Submitted by (@poskeyl)

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Outgoing Spam Quarantine

In the incoming section there is a button to click to check the inbound quarantine. There should be a similar option in the outgoing section so that non-techie users don't have to put together a query and apply it. As an added benefit, it would also automatically be limited to the 30 days so that the message could still be available to release and train, and not display old messages that are no longer in quarantine

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

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Have Secure Email Delivery

When sending an email a number of departments such as HR and Finance at times require the use of an encrypted email delivery. When applied the email sent using this function would be secured and an message sent to the recipient stating "you have a secure email please do .... (whatever the steps)... to retrieve your message." Office 365 and other mail security applications have this as a built in function, but with Office365 ...more »

Submitted by (@dschlief)

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Template system for adding new domains

We should be able to add a new domain via a "wizard" which will allow us to apply a custom template to the new domain. This way we can add new domains simply and be sure there are no miss-configured options. At the very least perhaps allow us to customise the recommend settings (by this I mean the "Use Recommended" option when a setting in the Configuration tab is set to something other than the recommended, i.e. when ...more »

Submitted by (@benfitz)

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LDAP authentication based on sAMAccountName

Currently LDAP authentication is only possible by providing the valid LDAP username/password. This was implemented by design, to avoid the requirement for elevated LDAP permissions. However if the LDAP mailbox sync is used, such elevated permissions are already granted. Therefore it would be useful if you can sync e.g. the sAMAccountName to be used as LDAP authentication username for a specific email address, so the ...more »

Submitted by (@dreas.vandonselaar)


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Notifications sections for more granular control

It would be nice to have a "notifications" section of the MailAssure UI, where all notifications are grouped together. As part of this, being able to control specific notifications (such as a quarantine report) and specify which emails the reports and notifications are going to there (if we want notifications to go to a different email address than the user's email) for finer control over what notifications are sent.

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Email Scout Reports - Apply Custom Templates To Customer Domain

I'm working with the new Email Scout Reports Template (Preview) customization section in Mail Assure, as the global admin. I setup a few test reports and I see where I can apply them to an individual person / email address but I don't see how to use a custom ESR for an entire customer domain. I have 280 email users spread out between multiple customers so I don't want to apply the custom report manually for each user. ...more »

Submitted by (@obyone89)