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'self healing timescales' on Scout reports

Currently if a user unsubscribes to a scout report the remaining reports do not adjust to 'fill in the gaps' for example: Automated digests are set at 0800, 1200, 1500 if a user unsubscribes from the 0800 digest as expected they no longer receive that digest, however, the 1200 digest only contains information on quarantined mails since 0800, rather than as the user might expect, since the last digest they are now subscribed ...more »

Submitted by (@chrismonk)

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Keyword or Body Search in Archive

One of our main features we use when looking in the archived mail is a keyword search. Currently, there is no ability to search for keywords alone or keywords in the body of a message. Sometimes we don't remember who sent the email or when it was but know the topic discussed in the email. This would be extremely helpful and is a real game changer when looking in archived mail.

Submitted by (@tbarry)


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Separate Filter Policy (Settings) for outbound vs inbound Spam

We are getting many outbound quarantined emails that should not be.

Support is telling us that outbound spam rules are dictated by the inbound filter settings.

Outbound spam filters should be a different set of settings so we do not compromise inbound filter rules.


Please allow an option for outbound settings

Submitted by (@jbacino)