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Unknown Users - Passthrough for nonlisted is missing

MSP Mail provides the setting "Mail Sent to Unknown Recipients" allowing to select one of the following --------- BLOCKED: rejected during SMTP conversation DROPPED SILENTLY: accepted during SMTP conversation then silently deleted PASSED THROUGH: all messages to unknown addresses will be delivered (unfiltered) to the customer mail server AUTOMATICALLY ADD: All unknown recipient addresses that are validated by the ...more »

Submitted by (@martinb)

Mail Assure

Automatically detect if an address is primary or alias

Currently if someone sends an email to a recipient which is not listed under local recipients or aliases, a new local recipient will be created regardless of the email address sent to is an alias or a primary address. Mail Assure should be able to detect if the address is a primary address or an alias and for aliases automatically assign it to the right recipient. With a system that is mainly automated it seems strange ...more »

Submitted by (@morten)

Mail Assure

Link at bottom of daily spam email not acceptable

On the daily spam email digest, there is a link at the bottom of the page labeled "To access your quarantine or unsubscribe from this automatic report, please click here". The clickable link provided takes the user directly to the web page to unsubscribe. As an MSP providing this service, I do not want to provide users with an easy way to unsubscribe from the digest. The clickable link should take them instead directly ...more »

Submitted by (@kweilbacher)

Mail Assure

Allow easier (and secure) O365 restriction on accepting email

As the Mail Assure delivery IP addresses frequently change, it can be hard to manage a large number of O365 deployments to restrict email from the Mail Assure IP space. The header-based alternative described in the KB ( can be spoofed, and hence is not 100% secure. A better alternative should be provided which cannot be spoofed and is easy ...more »

Submitted by (@dreas.vandonselaar)


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