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Allow use of ldap auth and control panel password

Allow use of ldap auth and control panel password

under MSP mail it was possible to use both LDAP auth and local control panel auth for panel login.

i.e in the event that the AD server is down currently users cannot login to their dashboard to release mail etc

under MSP mail it was possible for users to have password stored in MSP mail that allowed access to the dashboard for Business continuity purposes

Submitted by (@chrismonk)

Mail Assure

Fix "Release and Train"

When I select msg in quarantine and do action:

*) Release and Train - every time I have error "Error occurred Could not open mailbox "Caught (Outgoing).May.28"."

*) Release - Information that msg was sent "Message(s) released successfully" but it's still in quarantine like anythink not happend.


Please fix this bcs it generate ABR to my admin mail.

Submitted by (@network)

Mail Assure

Disable GreyListing at Outbound traffic !

After your automatic migrate from smarthost * to Mail Assure servers a outbounding mails are greylisting.

Our users sending mails via Mail Assure has GL-ed and Exchange retrasmit mails and couse 15 latency in delivering mails!.


Please disable GreyListing on outbound, this features shoud be used at INBOUND/INCOMMING mails from not my domains.tld .

Submitted by (@network)

Mail Assure

Enable/Disable Greylisting Option

Logistic company depends on real-time emails. They receive emails from new customers daily and cannot White-list in these cases. As these responses are time sensitive, we need a way to be able to control Grey-listing similar to MSP Mail. We are recommending a feature for Mail Assure that is comparable.

Submitted by (@esimmonsmsp)

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Ability to determine what happens to mail with no SPF check

Raising on behalf of customer:


We would like the ability to determind how mail assure handles domains who send with no SPF record. We would like to quarantine these messages or, and, generate a temp failure message to the sender to say email has been quarantined as you do no have a valid SPF record.


At the moment I believe if there is no SPF record for the domain its simply passed through at present.



Submitted by (@jonathan.johnstone)

Mail Assure

Remove 10 inbound SMTP connections per IP limit

MSP Mail clearly didn't have a limit on concurrent inbound connections, and a limit of 10 connections per IP seems INCREDIBLY low. We're at the stage where one of our customers is constantly receiving an error stating "421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later." We seem to be taking backwards steps, with a platform that can't handle what MSP Mail could, and has been cobbled together and pushed ...more »

Submitted by (@mikewhitehead)

Mail Assure

Block and train from the Mail Assure Log Search Page

Right now, if a message is quarantined, we have the ability to release, release & train, release & whitelist, remove, and remove & blacklist. If a message has already been delivered, you cannot do any of that. The only option is to Train messages as Spam and blacklist the sender which seems very cumbersome. It would be nice to have the ability to block and train from the Mail Assure Log Search Page.

Submitted by (@getitdone)

Mail Assure

Filter Unsure Email - Possible SPAM

Add the ability to have the filter catch "unsure" or possible spam. I have end users complaining the that Mail Assure is dumping more of this into their mailbox. One user upto 100 per day. There is also no way to manage any of this via outlook. The Scout Reports lack context for how a user is suppose to release or whitelist any of this caught by the filter. The web portal for an end user (scratch that) ANY user is horrible ...more »

Submitted by (@bsplhcb)