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Submitted by (@mohammad.siddique)

Reset Queue for queued messages

I think that would be a good idea. I can see where it is very useful to

kick off the Queue. Let's say I take down a mail server for a few days for

technical reasons. When we bring it back up the end users are going to

want that queued email ASAP, not in the 2 hours or more it will take the

queue to retry on it's own.

Mail Assure

Submitted by (@tbarry)

Keyword or Body Search in Archive

One of our main features we use when looking in the archived mail is a keyword search. Currently, there is no ability to search for keywords alone or keywords in the body of a message. Sometimes we don't remember who sent the email or when it was but know the topic discussed in the email. This would be extremely helpful and is a real game changer when looking in archived mail.


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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@network)

Add classification 'unknown' as Rejected in Incoming >Log Search

At Status collumn I see Rejected who can be search only as classsification='unknown' then it's clear that the same in results.

When I try use Classification selector then "Accepted/Rejected" is ignoring the 'unknown' status and I must uncheck all to select that one.

This is just 'stupid' to not include this one to Rejected, please add this into Q2 release.