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Keyword or Body Search in Archive

One of our main features we use when looking in the archived mail is a keyword search. Currently, there is no ability to search for keywords alone or keywords in the body of a message. Sometimes we don't remember who sent the email or when it was but know the topic discussed in the email. This would be extremely helpful and is a real game changer when looking in archived mail.

Submitted by (@tbarry)


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Add classification 'unknown' as Rejected in Incoming >Log Search

At Status collumn I see Rejected who can be search only as classsification='unknown' then it's clear that the same in results.

When I try use Classification selector then "Accepted/Rejected" is ignoring the 'unknown' status and I must uncheck all to select that one.

This is just 'stupid' to not include this one to Rejected, please add this into Q2 release.

Submitted by (@network)

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Protection Reports sent to Office 365 Junk

As per the following URL we setup a rule in Office 365 to allow emails that contain the "X-Recommended-Action" header value "accept", bypassing the Office 365 spam protection.


Can we have the protection reports also have this header added?

Submitted by (@wayneb)

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More custom options for exports in SolarWinds Mail Assure

Currently there is only one way to export archived emails and that is by "Date Range". This does not work for companies who handled their customers emails in an archive. If a user requests and archive you can only run that export based on date range. I would like to see the ability to add the same functionality we saw in MSP Mail such as export based on certain mailboxes, or certain tagged emails. Just would like ...more »

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)