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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@davidola)

Make Compose and Reply to Email More Full Featured

With MaxFocus in both replying and composing, you could add CC and BCC to your message. With MailAssure, you can only do that with Composing. With Reply, you cannot see who the message will go to, nor can you add recipients like CC or BCC. So need the ability to add CC or BCC and see who the email is going to. (Though it's implied). Also, it would be great to be able to add an attachment. And since you have to CC ...more »


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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@mohammad.siddique)

Reset Queue for queued messages

I think that would be a good idea. I can see where it is very useful to

kick off the Queue. Let's say I take down a mail server for a few days for

technical reasons. When we bring it back up the end users are going to

want that queued email ASAP, not in the 2 hours or more it will take the

queue to retry on it's own.

Mail Assure

Submitted by (@tbarry)

Keyword or Body Search in Archive

One of our main features we use when looking in the archived mail is a keyword search. Currently, there is no ability to search for keywords alone or keywords in the body of a message. Sometimes we don't remember who sent the email or when it was but know the topic discussed in the email. This would be extremely helpful and is a real game changer when looking in archived mail.


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