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Mail Assure

Retain LDAP settings & use saved passwords

Hello, We migrated from MaxMail and we informed customers that if there mail server ever went offline they could log in to their control panel in MaxMail and still send and receive emails. It looked as though the same was true in Mail Assure. However their is a difference in the Mail Assure process that I think you should address. Under Manage email users we have set up the LDAP authentication for each of our clients. ...more »

Submitted by (@tony001)

Mail Assure

TLS Settings available within the Dashboard

In the MSP Mail platform, users were allowed to specify enforcing TLS, enforcing TLS if possible, and not requiring it. These options are not available within the Mail Assure Platform. It would be nice to see these options within the Mail Assure platform and grant control over how certain domains process emails and handle TLS directly. Opportunistic on all the time is nice, but in certain scenario's, namely where a ...more »

Submitted by (@rdowdy)