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Submitted by (@alessandro.martins)

Indexing system

I think that the indexing system in Mail Assure needs an upgrade because the way it works now is extremely slow and we need to keep the page open during all the process. This process should be done just once and for all messages so we can finally work with this tool. At least it should run in background without the need to keep the page open and has an index status bar to show the progress. Considering that we need the ...more »


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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@wayneb)

Mail Assure Dashboard Multi-tasking

While using the Mail Assure Dashboard to make changes, sometimes there shall be a task that takes longer to complete. Since I use the Dashboard more than most, I see this quite often. It seems that there is a limitation on multi-tasking, perhaps per customer. Even opening a new browser tab to complete a different task will not work. All tabs will wait until the first task is completed. Can we have multi-tasking please? ...more »


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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@t.sturm)

A handy option to release mails in Mail Assure

It would be very handy to get an option to mark mails an releasing them.

An example would be to do it with boxes so you can mark every mail per clicking the box and then get an option for all marked.

"Select all" would also be appreciated.

Selecting the option for every single mail is taking way too much time.