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MSP Anywhere

Pre-filled data for "Request Assistance" live chat.

There is no way to currently pre-fill data for the "Request Assistance" form that a client needs to fill out for Name, Customer # and Email. The data for these fields is entered in by our support department when we are adding the agent to their computers so that they show up under "My Computers" in SolarWinds N-Able MSP Anywhere. It is logical that there would be a way for the agent to pre-fill this data based on what ...more »

Submitted by (@jcorona)

MSP Anywhere

'Retrieve log-in link' branded email using alias SMTP address

We are an MSP, as such we use Mail Assure platform with our branding. Currently our customers if they don't know their logins, they can click on the 'retrieve log-in link' on the main login page on the portal. This will email users a link to reset their password. This email is only branded and customised if the user enters their primary SMTP address. Should they make the request using any of the their aliases addresses, ...more »

Submitted by (@zedonesupport)

MSP Anywhere

Remote Agent - Stealth Install and Stealth Monitoring

We would like the ability to have the option for a stealth install & or remote viewing session should it be required by the client to monitor their employees. We have many requests from company owners to monitor their staff for a number of reasons. Currently when we log in there is a date/time stamp of the last session and the cursor also rapidly flashes/blinks when we're connected in which alerts the user to us being ...more »

Submitted by (@matbatchelor)