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Please let us know how you think we can make All things MSP Anywhere a bettter tool for remote access.

MSP Anywhere

Ability to use our own servers for security purpose

Hi guys,

As a user of MSP N-Central, we would like to use MSP Anywhere with on-premise servers for security, privacy and performance purposes. So no connection will be made to ncentral servers for this function.

A competitor is already doing this, Bomgar (

Thank you !

Submitted by (@srobert)

MSP Anywhere

Search Option for Proxy

On the Admin website Area under Management > MSP anywhere Proxy, it would be nice to have a search function in order to speed up the process of finding a specific Proxy.


Unlike the agent the proxy name needs to be deleted when reinstalling the proxy, thus with a huge number of proxy's makes it time consuming to find the right one to delete.

Submitted by (@shinga77)

MSP Anywhere

Support for High DPI displays

The MSP Anywhere console (BASEClient.exe) and Remote Console (BAConsoleApp.exe) do not currently handle DPI scaling on high DPI displays. As a result the interface elements are extremely small. We can work around this with the manifest trick in Windows 10, but it's a bit of annoying and the regkey that allows this to work does not seem to be persistent between major Windows updates like the creators update. Please consider ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)


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MSP Anywhere

Automated reporting

We provide our clients with a monthly remote-control report through N-Central to let them know when we’ve connected to their machines. I know that there is a report I can run through MSPAnywhere to do the same, but we'd really need to be able to schedule those reports for it to be useful. Right now there is a hole in our client reporting.

Submitted by (@desiwren)

MSP Anywhere

Add an option to auto-uninstall agents

There are cases where we are currently forced to use the agent because the applet doesn't support things like switching users or using ctrl+alt+del. Our current support flow is: 1. Clients connect to a technician via a form we have built utilizing the new session api 2. Session starts with the applet 3. Tech assists the client with the applet If the tech needs to change the logged in user to a local or domain administrator ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP Anywhere

Support user switching with applet

We want to primarily use the applet for support because of its ephemeral nature, but there are many cases where we need to login as an administrator after the fact. The only option we have currently is to switch to the agent. However, we have issues with switching to an agent when a session is started with the applet, and we have to start with the applet because we use the new session API form. Our main issue with the ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP Anywhere

Option for users to give support permission an x amount of time

sometimes engineers need to take control of a device when the user is in a meeting. as an example: the user gives permission to the support engineer to take control of the device, then the user go's to a meeting. The support engineer then needs to restart the device, but needs to call the user for permission again. This means that or the support engineer need to wait until the user is done with his meeting or call them ...more »

Submitted by (@yfrancken)

MSP Anywhere

Option on Mac system shell to logon as a user or root

When using MSP Connect to connect to a MacOS system, the System Shell runs as root.


Would like to see an option to either run the system shell as root or to Log on as another user.


this is to be able to run commands that require to run as a specific user like filevault.



sudo fdesetup removerecovery -personal


will not run because root is not a registered user in filevault by default.

Submitted by (@barrett.letch)