Solarwinds Take Control

Please let us know how you think we can make Take Control a bettter tool for remote access.

Solarwinds Take Control

Postpone updates on Remote when there is an active session

If there is an active remote session take console should not run the auto updates and should postpone the upgrade until after the session is closed.


This morning, May 6th 2019, upgrades disconnected active remote sessions locking the remote computes (per our configs) and causing general issues with supporting clients in a timely manor. This is an easy thing to prevent with proper checks in the update code. .


Solarwinds Take Control

Re-add old Monitor button functionality of one-click cycling

Before, we had the ability to switch displays with a single click and now I need to click the monitors, then click again to select the specific monitor. With the previous switch I was able to rapidly cycle to the display on devices I was already familiar with, now I have to spend time looking at the preview overlay to select a specific desktop which takes longer. The new previews are nice but I'd like to have the "old" ...more »