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Please let us know how you think we can make All things MSP Anywhere a bettter tool for remote access.

MSP Anywhere

Submitted by (@edisonhp)

Adicionar o campo personalizado à API

Adicionar o campo personalizado à API


De acordo com a documentação ( ), utilizarmos esse campo personalizado, essa informação não é mandada via API.


Gostaria que pudesse adicionar esse campo para uma melhor utilização da API

MSP Anywhere

Submitted by (@paulo.silva)

Add extra session details fields to Session Report

Raising this on behalf of a MSP Anywhere customer: Please consider adding the following Tags for session fields/details in Profile > Email Templates > Session Report: * Name (this would be the person requesting support) * Problem description * Notes Additional comments by me: * I understand these are optional fields so not every remote session will be making use of them. However, for customers that use them consistently, ...more »

MSP Anywhere

Submitted by (@srobert)

Ability to use our own servers for security purpose

Hi guys,

As a user of MSP N-Central, we would like to use MSP Anywhere with on-premise servers for security, privacy and performance purposes. So no connection will be made to ncentral servers for this function.

A competitor is already doing this, Bomgar (

Thank you !

MSP Anywhere

Submitted by (@shinga77)

Search Option for Proxy

On the Admin website Area under Management > MSP anywhere Proxy, it would be nice to have a search function in order to speed up the process of finding a specific Proxy.


Unlike the agent the proxy name needs to be deleted when reinstalling the proxy, thus with a huge number of proxy's makes it time consuming to find the right one to delete.

MSP Anywhere

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

Support for High DPI displays

The MSP Anywhere console (BASEClient.exe) and Remote Console (BAConsoleApp.exe) do not currently handle DPI scaling on high DPI displays. As a result the interface elements are extremely small. We can work around this with the manifest trick in Windows 10, but it's a bit of annoying and the regkey that allows this to work does not seem to be persistent between major Windows updates like the creators update. Please consider ...more »


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