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Please let us know how you think we can make All things MSP Anywhere a bettter tool for remote access.

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Option for users to give support permission an x amount of time

sometimes engineers need to take control of a device when the user is in a meeting. as an example: the user gives permission to the support engineer to take control of the device, then the user go's to a meeting. The support engineer then needs to restart the device, but needs to call the user for permission again. This means that or the support engineer need to wait until the user is done with his meeting or call them ...more »

Submitted by (@yfrancken)

MSP Anywhere

Option on Mac system shell to logon as a user or root

When using MSP Connect to connect to a MacOS system, the System Shell runs as root.


Would like to see an option to either run the system shell as root or to Log on as another user.


this is to be able to run commands that require to run as a specific user like filevault.



sudo fdesetup removerecovery -personal


will not run because root is not a registered user in filevault by default.

Submitted by (@barrett.letch)

MSP Anywhere

Email notification when Request Assistance is used.

A customer may use the Request Assistance feature when a tech is not currently assigned to the queue. It is important that in these instances, we still get notified when a customer has used this feature. As of now, there is no way to know if a customer had requested assistance unless we have someone signed into the software.

Submitted by (@jcorona)

MSP Anywhere

Add API Support to Get Online Techs

The start API has support for specifying a tech to connect to, but there is currently no method of grabbing currently online tech's. The workarounds are less than ideal. We can either: 1. Present a static list. But...if the tech is not online, the entire group gets the request 2. Write some custom script to scrape this report from the admin console. ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP Anywhere

Actual Multi Monitor support (view 2 remote monitors at once)

MSP Anywhere really needs TRUE multi Monitor support, with the ability to break out multiple remote monitors into separate windows (so you can see both remote monitors at the same time, without having to flip back and forth) This idea/feature request was posted over a year ago: And for some reason is marked as "completed" when the functionality ...more »

Submitted by (@drnick)


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MSP Anywhere

Date/Time on appointments don't update nicely.

If I'm scheduling appointments, and I schedule the start for 2 days in the future at 4pm, the end time stays on today at 8:30am. It would be nice if the default setting was that the end time was the same as the start time (or even better, give the admin the ability to set a default appointment length, like 2 hours for example, then when you set a start date/time, the appointment would default end 2 hours later, though ...more »

Submitted by (@jcornett)