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Request to put back "Total Size of the used storage"

From old CMC you are able to see TOTAL Size of the used storage per Customer and also on each devices. This is very useful when we are selling the license as a pool license. But i don't see this TOTAL Size of the used storage per Customer in the new Web portal anymore. I would love to have this feature back in the Web portal. Thanks. It can be appear in any way: Dashboard - Selected Customer ...more »

Submitted by (@louise)

MSP Backup & Recovery

View the queued remote commands to be send to devices

We send remote commands, but cannot see if and when they are deployed. So sometimes, when you do not see the change happen after the send command (because devices can also be offline) you would like to see if a command is still queued and perhaps even cancel a queued command at a given moment.

Submitted by (@agrippa)