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MSP Backup & Recovery

Option to choose FROM adress for Daily Safety Check Report

With the newly added feature to send reports for the DSC of Backup & Recovery it would be nice to have an option to choose the FROM adress for the reports.

This would offer a great way to further customize the reports and provide a clearer assignment / attribution of the report.


MSP Backup & Recovery

Ability to change Storage Node after a device is created


for "Software Only" partner we would like to have the ability to change the Storage Node after a device has been created. Now we can choose the Storage from a list when creating the device in Cloud Management Console but we are are not able to change it after that (see the attached screenshot).


Also from the CMC Web you can't choose the Storage when creating the device.


MSP Backup & Recovery

Deleted Files Protection

We see the retention and archiving options for Max Backup. However, we don't see any option for deleted file protection. Other products offer a simple option to always keep deleted files regardless of retention or archiving options. Currently, if a file or folder is accidentally deleted between archive schedules and is not discovered for several months or more, there is no way to recover these? edit: added comment ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Local Speed Vault retention

We would like to be able to have a separate retention period for the LSV and MAXBackup Cloud.


This would enable us to keep some client data (1-3 Months) in "hot storage" for fast restores locally and then have this, in addition the rest of the data in the MAXBackup Cloud storage for the longer part of the retention.

MSP Backup & Recovery

Fixed Backup Size

I know it seems counter intuitive, but some of my clients want a dedicated "Backup" folder, where critical files can be stored and backed up and want to limit the size of that folder to a few GB per workstation for cost concerns. Currently there is only a backup size check that will fail if you go over a certain amount. I think in some cases, it would be best to actually be able to choose from dynamically expanding storage ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Sites and computers information on creating task

Did you make backup for more than 5 PC ? Its horrible, how we can select Computer for backups. There is only computer name, nothink else. IP adress, MAC adress, computer sites, or anythink else was showed in limited list only in dashboard in Agent list. Is good to make SITES for agents, show IP adress in Computer Selection in task create (optimally with sort option for name and IP), and give selected computers on start ...more »