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Support for Multi-tiered SharePoint configurations in MSP Backup

From our documentation:


"SQL databases for SharePoint must be located on the same SharePoint server that you want to back up. Multi-tier configuration isn't supported."


A number of users use a multi-tiered configuration; can support be implemented for these configurations with MSP Backup?

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Customize Backup Schedule for MSP Backup

The MSP backup services don't have the possibility to create a custom scan schedule. For example, Weekly backups should only be scanned once a week and not every day because than it creates false positive alerts. Similarly, if a device is offline over the weekend but is being maintained by a daily backup it creates a false positive come the start of the week, while a custom schedule would allow the weekend to be ignored. ...more »

Submitted by (@nathaniel.mclean)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Option to execute before/after scripts once for >1 datasources

Scripts configured for execution before oder after backup are executed before backing up every single datasource configured in that time plan/schedule. There should be an option to execute the scripts only once befor starting the backup for the first datasource and after finishing the last of the configured datasources. To achieve that behaviour is not possible right now. Sure: If a script is only needed to be executed ...more »

Submitted by (@arndjaekel)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Azure support

We would like to see Azure support reintegrated into Backup & Recovery


They may have been rarely used before but more and more people now are moving to the cloud and we have customers looking to host all their systems and servers on the cloud. We would like to continue using Backup & Recovery to protect our customers and we need it to support Azure.

Submitted by (@benfitz)