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MSP Backup & Recovery

complicate the conditions for deleting a backup

Once connected to the console, it is very easy to delete backups. You can of course add a password to access the console but in this period of great insecurity, backups have a very high value. Can we consider a grace period that will allow us to restore a backup set after deletion. This makes sense in the case of a targeted attack with backups deleted.

Sorry for my English and thank you Deepl


MSP Backup & Recovery

Ability to select different folders for Archive and Live backups

I have clients that archive old projects and data which they have to keep for a certain time. These rarely change so archiving is perfect. However, these folders are on the same server as their main "live" data. Currently there is no way to differentiate what is "archive" data from what is "live" data. All folders selected will get archived on the backup schedule following the archive date (usually monthly). Clienttool ...more »