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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management


I would like to have a 24x7 check or DCS check maybe of HARDWARE/SOFTWARE modification. Depending of the use case is important to know. Example: a not authorized people to modify, unfix or install/unistall a hardware/software without authorization. And possibility of a report of what HARDWARE/SOFTWARE was modificated.

Submitted by (@doutorinfo)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

E-Mail Notifications When New Agent Installs are Detected

There should be a function that allows users to get e-mail reminders when a new agent install is detected on the dash. The customer had indicated to me it's sometimes difficult to keep track of new devices for accounting purposes when his techs install new devices and e-mail reminders would help them keep track of this for their backend accounting purposes.

Submitted by (@christopher.may)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Reboot time history

When you reboot a server remotely it can be scary if it takes ages to come back up. Can the agent record and store the reboots times so this history can be seen from the dash. This way you could check and see that the server is a slow booter. This would also be useful if a check would fail if the average boot time increases. This could then be troubleshooted.

Submitted by (@austintovey)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Web Activity through RMM



Our customer really likes the information in the report you guided us through on a device's web activity. There are lots of tick boxes for filtering results, but I'm unable to select a 'time' field. We need to find out what time of the day sites are accessed as we need to eliminate the staff members private lunch time due to data protection.


Many thanks


Submitted by (@absolutetechnologyuk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support for Kaspersky Security 10.1 for Windows Server



I've installed the latest release of Kaspersky Security 10.1 for Windows Server onto a couple of servers and the AV update check states "Product not found". The previous release worked fine (Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server) so would be great if the latest version could be supported.



Submitted by (@james4r)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Improve Hard Disk Check

In most all of the experiences of this program, it has not been able to detect a failed disk. (About 4-5 computers so far) I am suggesting adding an actual percentage of life remaining on the disk (such as a SMART check) to actually be able to read what life is left on the disk before it needs to be replaced. On top of this aswell, adding the ability to choose a threshold percentage before an alert is triggered on the ...more »

Submitted by (@jon.sevigney)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Shorten url string used for Take Control MSP Anywhere for IE

Internet Explorer 11 cannot always open Take Control (MSP Anywhere) connections from dashboard This is a known issue in IE11 which cannot reliably handle application URI's longer than 507 octets. This has been documented in a MSDN blog post ( Can an enhancement be implemented into the product to shorten the connection url's to work better ...more »

Submitted by (@supportguy)