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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@cwilson)

Ability to turn off Java in patch management

There is no option to turn off Java in the patch management feature. Currently you have to turn off the Critical option under the third parties updates to not install Java updates. This doesn't allow other 3rd party software to update however.


This feature would really be helpful for certain applications requiring a specific version of Java.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@johnpeterson)

Add RPC and Cache Service Checks for new Patch Management

In the latest 10.8.0 RC agent, the new Patch Management Engine doesn't have any service checks. However on the local device, there are RPC and Cache Services, which are required to be running for Patch Management to work. We need to have the RPC and Cache Service checks for Patch Management included as part of the Patch Management Feature, so that we can effectively monitor when scans will fail or not complete because ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@artatmepush)

BUGFIX Network Management Active Discovery Agent binds to UDP/67

Network Management Active Discovery Agent binds to port 67 and breaks DHCP Server (UDP 67). Solarwinds RMM Team: refer to my ticket #01095875 My Idea/Recommendation: Move the Active Discovery Agent to another port so that it does not conflict with DHCP servers. Product RemoteManagement Subject BUG REPORT: Network Monitoring Service binds to UDP/67, blocks DHCPD Description Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Roles: ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@r.niedhorn)

Delaying Managed Antivirus Engine upgrades for major versions

We were told by support that the "Delaying Managed Antivirus Engine upgrades policy" is honored only by minor engine upgrades and not for major version upgrades, like the recent MAV-BD v5 to v6 upgrade. It would be great, if it would be possible to change that behavior to honor that policy setting by every MAV-BD engine upgrade, instead of having us to change the "Automatically reboot device when required" setting in ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@davidcw)

Custom inputs for scripts

It would be helpful if there could be custom inputs for scripts that were passed as parameters. This is possible when you use the Automation Manager to create scripts, but not for custom scripts written in other languages. You can add parameters in the "Command Line" field, but there are two problems with this: * It doesn't always handle that input well. For example, you can't use a variable that contains a space. ...more »