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Kanban workflow synchronized with MSP Manager

This may be a rock in the sky or a freaking brilliant idea! Imagine a "Trello" look-a-like or why not an integration between? Imagine a Kanban board totally synchronized with MSP Manager, allowing technicians to easily see when and who's working on which task, a possibility to split a ticket into two tasks shared between two co-workers for example.. Imagine a graphical kanban flow for MSP Manager system.. I would bet ...more »

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

MSP Manager

Include all contacts and locations when adding a new response

Right now you can only choose a TO address in a new response for contacts if the Location is chosen in the ticket. In order to view all Locations and all contacts you have to leave the Location field in a ticket blank. I would like to see the ability to view all contacts regardless of which Location is selected.



Thank you.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

MSP Manager

Merging ticket requests: closed tickets must not be offered

When merging a ticket request into an existing ticket, this is done by a search field to find the appropriate ticket. But the search results include all closed tickets. This results in a performance breakdown. We have more than 10.000 closed tickets. If every ticket search goes through all tickets, MSPM becomes unavailable, the system gets a timeout or it takes a long time to display the search result. Closed tickets ...more »

Submitted by (@bertsux)

MSP Manager

Notes on MSP Manager App

When we use the app and add a 'note' onto a ticket, we don't have the option to copy in our tech teams email address to keep them updated. We can do this on the web page no problem.


The tech team came back and said add a 'contact' under each client - however we can only add the one email address onto 1 client, not the other 60 we have on the portal.


We need a solution please



Submitted by (@it247nw)

MSP Manager

Add Sensitivity: header handling for opt external email security

It would be a good idea to add an option to set / detect the email Sensitivity: header field. This is a RFC-standard field that is also settable in MS Outlook's Options dialog for example. This'd be the natural hook to trigger an external security solution, as in, set Sensitivity to higher than normal in the response generation to get encryption for outgoing mails. (In case you're discussing potentially sensitive or ...more »

Submitted by (@mnahkola)

MSP Manager

Signature and predefined ticket answers

Our staff needs customizable signatures when adding ticket responses. These signatures should be configured under the specific user settings.


Predefined ticket responses, selectable via drop down, would help a lot in communication with customers.


Both options have been availabe in the "old" ticket system "MAX DESK".

Submitted by (@bertsux)

MSP Manager


MSP Manager tracks billable time for clients, but it would be nice to add a module to track each staff members working hours for payroll.


For instance, if a staff member works an 8 hour day, allow them to record their working hours for that day along with details of what work was performed. Then allow HR to export the data to QuickBooks to do payroll.

Submitted by (@skinneejoe)

MSP Manager

Add the phone number to a notification sent by MSP Manager

The phone number should be included in the email template that MSP Manager uses to send notifications when a ticket is assigned to a user. That way a user can just click on a link in the email to reach out to the customer without having to open the mobile app and navigate to the contact to find their phone number.

Submitted by (@alex.almasy)