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Submitted by (@hotline)

Ticket number in time entries

Hello, To do monthly billing, I look at the time entries. The problem is that the displayed results do not indicate either the ticket or the service plan in which the entry was made. So impossible to know if it's in the context of a project, in a counter, ... Ditto for the expenses I use for travel expenses. No ticket number or associated service plan so it is impossible to know if the trip is invoiced or if it is ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@danapcs)

Summary Tab - Hardware View

I use the Summary tab - Hardware Details window nearly daily. Sometimes multiple times/day. It would be nice if that was the pane that was visible first in the top left ABOVE Agent Supported Features. As it stands, I have to scroll down a bit on my laptop to see the data. Personally I find little use for a list of agent supported features. If that wasn't made the default view with the hardware details first then please ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@pam.tki)

Need Customer Name in Dashboard Title

Please display the Customer Name prominently within the Customer Dashboard. On a PC, the selected customer name is so tiny on the left side, that it's hard to tell whose dashboard I'm viewing. One could too easily open the wrong dashboard and not notice. Up in the left corner, where it says "Dashboard", why not add the Customer Name?