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Lock recurring discovery jobs (for ESX)

As far as I know you need a recurring Discovery Job if you want to update the asset information for a ESX Server. I create these discovery jobs but other users can disable, remove, change these discovery jobs. I think it would be a very nice feature that we can 'lock' recurring discovery jobs. So I know these jobs couldn't be simple changed or deleted. Or create an option on the ESX devices where we can set a schedule ...more »


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Changes to propagation of custom properties

Hi all, Currently when making changes to custom properties at the SO level you can save and propagate,, but you will lose all configured settings on customer and site levels. It would be nice if there would be a save and propagate changes which will leave all already configured settings untouched and just propagate the additions. Furthermore it would be useful to have a checkbox on the customer property screen on the ...more »


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add "active issue" view functions to dashboard

Currently the active issue view allows users to perform a lot of actions easily, including delete services, enable/disable services, scan now, although these are not available in "dashboard", therefor users cannot take the same easy actions against "normal" status services, since those ones do not show up in "active issue".


Partner would like to ask for them to be added into the dashboard.


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Set custom property values with rules

I love the new functionality dealing with the custom properties and how you can use drop down lists plus use them in automation manager. The only thing we really need now is the ability to set these values with a rule. For example, I made some custom services to monitor what SSL and TLS protocols are enabled and tied them with the custom properties. So you can go to a device and set "Disable TLS 1.0" to True and the ...more »


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Patching Filter & Supersession Filter

While patching wizard it shows very old patches more than 5-10 years old in the list there should be some option to exclude them by year filter or to include by year which we need to this option & filter the patches so we can filter the old unwanted patches. Also in Supersession filter : Patches marked a Superseded & Patches Superseding Others is confusing which to select .....Only the latest & needed patches should ...more »


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Map a String to a Value to be able configure a threshold

On certain devices the OID's value of a service we'd like to manage is a string only. It would be nice to map this string value to a integer value to be able set thresholds. Example: OID's value = green . Then make "green" = 1 . Then for the threshold set the value of 1 as "Normal". If the string value ever changes then "green" ≠ 1 and it switches to "Failed".