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Submitted by (@barrett.letch)

Confirmation dialog for Generate SSL

When the partner's SSL certificate is up for renewal, some partners instead of downloading or copying the CSR from the text box will Fill in the certificate details and click on Generate - this will require to re-key your SSL which in the case of some Certificate vendors may take 48 hours to validate before giving you a new ssl. What I propose is check on when the CSR was first generated and have a Dialog box indicate ...more »

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Submitted by (@paras.bhasin)

Disk spaceMonitoring

It would be better to have an if condition in Disk(service). For example, if a drive is 100 GB and we use DISK USAGE (% 20%, it's going to report failure when free space is less than 20gb at the same time if there is another device which is 1TB its gonna report failure while it has 200Gb of space. same goes with Disk Free Space threshold. It would be better to a condition which checks both criteria i.e disk free space ...more »

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Submitted by (@gseehomie)

Self-healing actions during scheduled maintenance windows

Hi There What: As discussed in the ticket "01135696" it would be nice to have something like an option for scheduled maintenance windows to set a device in "downtime" state during the time set in the maintenance window. The reason for this would be, that during the scheduled maintenance window the defined self-healing actions are not beeing triggered. Why: We want to patch our customers automatically during night times. ...more »

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Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

Edit customer and site properties at current scope

If I am working in a specific customer or site and need to change a property of that customer/site, I have to go up a level and navigate to Administration > Customers or Administration > Sites respectively. It would be great if I could edit the customer or site properties of the Customer or Site I am currently managing.


Thanks for considering!

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@jpittman)

Report Manager for Ncod

Who else is on the NCod platform that would find custom reports as a module helpful? I think that even though it is a non-hosted platform, it should be offered as a purchasable module. Some of the reports have a ton of information that is not useful and some that do not include everything wanted that is in another report. It would be very helpful not to piece these together.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@andrewtemple)

Exchange Mailflow Monitor (IN/OUT)

Please add a feature that allows you to monitor in/out bound mailflow from exchange. Additional bonus would be to get a report of a round trip time from exchange to solarwinds monitor server and back to exchange. Send test messages every 15 minutes and get alerted when mail flow fails. Continuum has a feature that allows you to monitor this, please speak with them to figure out how to make it happen for ncentral. ...more »