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Mail custom made powershell output as body

Could you make it possible that when a automation script has been run we can put the output of the script into the body of an e-mail without having to mail it through a self defined smtp server. Now i use the Nofication Sussess Failed and Send task output file in Email. But this is in a zipped file and i would like to have it as the Body of the mail. Maybe you can make a output to body of nofication mail in the automation ...more »

Submitted by (@twijbrandts)

MSP N-central

Patch Status v2 - Not Approved Patches should not Report Failed

Patches with No Approval or Declined seem to report under "Nofiy if not actioned in X Days"

There should be an option to Not Report a Failure for Not Approved Patches


Example, if someone declines the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for a month, their patch patch status v2 should not report failed for that period. They shouldn't expect to have to adjust thresholds to avoid seeing Failures

Submitted by (@nic.daines)

MSP N-central

More efficient Bulk Change of Service Items in PSA Billing

Looking to make adding/removing/editing Service Items to PSA Billing profiles more efficient when editing against multiple clients. As it stands right now, when moving service items, they must be done for each individual customer (despite selecting all customers on the previous step), per the attached screenshot.

Submitted by (@swrory)

MSP N-central

Alert when we reach a certain license limit

Today we had a problem that a device failed to check in in N-central and we found it under Discovered Assets. Why? Because the N-central server have run out of professional licenses for this device class and failed to import. We would like to be notified on these occasions so it would save us time to troubleshoot why a device failed to check in but not only. This feature would also help us to engage with sales quicker ...more »

Submitted by (@joao.amaral)

MSP N-central

Make MSP Anywhere more like Kaseya Live Connect

Kaseya's live connect is freaking sweet. When you "live connect" to a customer, it brings up a dashboard that shows in real-time cpu, memory usage, a mini screen of their actual screen (without you being able to interact), also the cursor doesn't blink from this. It also shows other most important information right at a glance, as well as gives you 5 script actions you can take. I wish MSP Anywhere had this option to ...more »

Submitted by (@elementalwindx)