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Mail Assure

Submitted by (@andre.burwell)

Mark messages that come through the spam filters

It would be a very helpful feature to be able to mark messages that meet a specified chosen criteria when they come through the spam filter. If messages have different "From" and "Sender" addresses, or if the spam score is a certain thresholds are a few options of many that would be very helpful. This would help teach and train end users as well to avoid malicious mail that they may be accepting.

Mail Assure

Submitted by (@hazmat)

Whitelisting Domains lead to carte blanche FROM spoofing

We've noticed a lot emails with viruses getting through Mail Assure and being caught by Pure Message on Exchange. We've whitelisted our parent company and that has lead to a bunch of spoofed emails getting through Mail Assure's filters. Further analysis on the Pure Message caught email headers shows a parent company email address in the FROM field, yet all other recursive checks are not executed and Mail Assure is just ...more »

Mail Assure

Submitted by (@wayneb)

Spoofing prevention with DMARC Monitoring

I understand that in addition to an SPF record, DKIM and DMARC should also be setup to help prevent 3rd parties spoofing the sender domain. At the moment, setting up DMARC is problematic as we have no system that is capable of receiving the DMARC (XML) reports to extract useful information from. Mail Assure could also encompass the reporting based on the DMARC reports, this would encourage / help in setting them up. ...more »