Solarwinds Take Control

Please let us know how you think we can make Take Control a bettter tool for remote access.

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@lopes.andre)

Make resizing and window movement consistent

Currently, during a Take Control session, if you attempt to resize the window from left to right or top to bottom, beyond the window's minimum size, the window is instead moved. This can result in unintended window movements and resizing issues (should you attempt to reverse the procedure without "letting go" of resize). Additionally, resizing the window from right to left or bottom to top beyond the window's minimum ...more »

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@lopes.andre)

Update Local Cursor to match ALL Remote Cursors

Currently, during a Take Control session, the local cursor will update to match generic cursor updates on the remote end (such as when resizing a window , writing, etc.) but Application Specific cursor updates (such as column resize or add in Excel) are only displayed on the remote cursor, with the local cursor remaining with a generic cursor icon. Making use of Show Remote Cursor provides a work around (allowing us ...more »

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@iris.santos)

More integration between RMM & Take Control standalone

It would be beneficial if Take Control standalone and the Take Control MSP Anywhere feature (from SolarWinds RMM) had more integration between each other, specially when it comes to remote support session history and reporting overall.

The session history in RMM is more appealing than the Take Control standalone one.

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@allen50)

Add ability to set tech's picture in Take Control on N-Central

When a Take Control chat window is popped out of the corner there is a place for the technician's picture. Currently this picture is not able to be set with Take Control through N-Central.


It'd be nice if the picture was able to be set, or if the blank spot was not there in the N-Central version of Take Control so it does not appear to clients that we have lazily not configured it.

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@bryon.perona)

Automatically Resize Window Around Remote Session

It would be nice if the window around the remote session were automatically resized so that the window / chrome fit tightly around the remote session. If you connect to a server with a different resolution than the last, there can be huge amounts of black unused space around the remote session. This would be nice, since it wouldn't be up to the technician to manually resize the window to find the best fit around the remote ...more »

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@gen.lee)

Take Control - Disable automatically clipboard history

Since Windows 1809 there is new fancy feature called "Clipboard History". This is also a risk if we remote to client and copy & paste sensitive information cause this person can later access it . There should be possibility to turn this feature automatically off when connecting to client or show somekind of status if this feature is disabled or not. Currently we are doing manual check for this feature everytime we remote ...more »

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@chrish)

Eliminate/hide huge grey bars at the top/bottom of Take Control

The grey bars at the top and bottom of Take Control waste 20%+ percent of the screen. Screen real estate when remoting is incredibly precious given the large form at of Windows 2012 and Windows 10. I've never seen another remote support software that burns visual space in this way. Consider the whole purpose of remote control is seeing the visual space of the end device. Remote Control is one of the single most important ...more »

Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (

Granular Control once in Take Control Application

Looking for the ability to set level of access within Take Control itself (being able to lock out other tabs within the Take Control Application).


Example, have a new technician in the company using Take Control with a client and limiting them to just the Remote Desktop tab of the application.