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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch deferment via popup on local machine

Please add the ability for us to send a custom popup when patches are about to be installed so that the user has the ability to defer patches ie 30mins, 1hr, 6hrs, 24hrs, etc. At times patches install themselves in the middle of a workday and in the case where the user cannot be interrupted this is VERY much unacceptable. The user should have the ability to at least defer 1 or 2 times so as to complete their workday ...more »

Submitted by (@hubandspokeit)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to Mass Edit GFI Languard Attendant Service

When you enable Patch Management on a device, the service 'GFI LanGuard Attendance Service' gets added to Checks. There is no way (and I've confirmed this with support) to edit it on multiple devices at once. If you right click, 'Edit Checks Like This' is grayed out, and it's not in the Windows Service List to add it to a monitoring template. On occasion it will stop, which prevents Patch Management from fully functioning, ...more »

Submitted by (@mlmartin)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Online forum where RMM techs can share knowledge

Create an online forum for RMM techs to share knowledge.


For example, this week KB4088875 killed network connections. Having a community forum where we can discuss issue, how to fix, how to use RMM to our advantage to help solve issue/block KB, etc. would be helpful.


Or, is there already a group in a non-Solarwinds managed forum in which many RMM techs participate?

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MAV Branding (re-branding)

We've recently undergone a change of company and had to submit new branding (logo) etc. Existing devices still show the old company name in the MAV systray (About), also in the list of installed programs. I've been informed that only new agents or an agent reinstall on the device uses the new branding - so existing agents deployed are set with the brand / company details and cannot be modified. Seems 're-branding' has ...more »

Submitted by (@belltekit)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More complete ConnectWise integration

ConnectWise and SolarWinds DO sync endpoint quantities. The issue is that the the actual additions are left under the company in one large bucket. They are not parsed per Agreement Addition. This must be done manually by clicking the checkbox. Issues is that as machines are added and replaced, this becomes cumbersome to do manually and also there is no good way to know to actually DO this. This means, the only way ...more »

Submitted by (@miznunkey)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

trim (Strip whitespace) on all inputs

Everybody has seen errors, when a form did not give the expected result, because you did copy&paste of an IBAN, creditcard number, or a machinename into an input filed. The cause of it: you copied a (trailing) space into the clipboard. This can be easily fixed by the webdesigner: trim all spaces from inputs. In PHP: All inputs already need to be parsed - to prevent sql injections. ...more »

Submitted by (@christoph)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

PING check allows monitor failure on ping success

I have a use case where I want the RMM to throw an alert if it CAN ping something. In other words, if something shows up on the network at a specific IP address, I want to open a ticket to have it investigated.


I wrote a script to handle this for now, but it would be nicer if there was a check box in the regular PING check to reverse how it reports failure.

Submitted by (@ndynamics)