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GFI MAX - Teamviewer Integration Password Issue

If TeamViewer Host is already installed on a machine and contains a static password for example for a third party administrator, it is not possible to connect to the machine over the dashboard. This is caused by the GFIMAX password placed as second or third password in the TeamViewer host password management and the agent fails to complete the integration or to identify the GFIMAX password.

Submitted by (@pcchagels)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Notification about removed computer

When Advance Monitoring Agent is removed by customer or PC is completely reinstalled, the system should have an option to notify us (at least an e-mail would be VERY helpful). Some of our users are home users and we cannot do password protected uninstallation and some of they are aware how to reinstall their station. In that case, we do not know that customer is not protected anymore (by managed AV), have backups, we ...more »

Submitted by (@pborsiak)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Smarter Backup & Recovery checks - Improvements

Hello, We would like to request an improvement regarding the way the integrated backup check currently works. Currently, if a backup is not ran accordingly to the schedule that is set up on the device, the backup check is ran anyway and we get an outage saying the backup wasn't done. Think about end users that switch off their workstations after their working day. The backup is never ran if it's planned to be ran after ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Geo Lock for Agent Communication

Hi there,


we saw that a few devices pop up in our dashoard. After a bit of research we found out that kaspersky uses out site installation package in a sandbox. So we would ask for a geo lock which can be disabled with an email like we get for a new ip address. In Settings it should be possible to select the allowed countrys.

Submitted by (@d.knechtacmeo)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Link to Open Configuration from IT Glue

Currently we have our Autotask PSA integrated with the Solarwinds RMM. We can open tickets and view tickets created from the failed check outages without having to manually search in Autotask. We need the same ability to open the link to the configuration in IT Glue. Special notes for devices should be saved in our documentation source, i.e. IT Glue, but without this, getting everyone to manually find the computer in ...more »

Submitted by (@tylerhunton)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Web Protection detailed information for longer than 30 days

It would be very useful to have the ability to view Web Protection logs for longer than 30 days in the Dashboard. I recently had a client who, as part of their external Tender requirement has to retain web browsing logs on all computers for 3 months. The Dashboard stores this detailed information only for 30 days and using Web Protection Reports to save this data would only save summary information for all devices. It ...more »

Submitted by (@tomasz)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Include storage media capacity in Asset Tracking SQL Dump

The SQL Dump from Asset Tracking does not include the any storage media capacity. Storage components are stored in "as_hardware" where hwtype=9, not the "as_devices" table SQL TABLES: - as_devices: Contains actual computers (NetBIOS name, OS, total RAM, etc.). - as_hardware: Contains component information for each device/computer in the as_devices table (RAM sticks, storage components, NICs, etc.) - Each entry in the ...more »

Submitted by (@john.cottier)