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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Let MAX check monthly backups

Let GFI MAX check a backup that runs once a month.

Currently this is not possible. MAX checks a backup job based on week days.


A good feature would be to let MAX check for a backup job, once a month, where we can pick a date or set it relatively (Ex: last workday of the month).


Jetro @ Team Cherub bvba @ Belgium

Submitted by (@jetrowils)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Maintenance schedule in GFI MAX RM

Can it be made possible to make an extra maintenance-module in GFI MAX RM, the agent?. During these hours, the machine where it runs on, could have high CPU/Disk/mem usage, etc and thus create unwanted alerts that might set a chain of events in action, you don't want. Also if you have more than 25 different customers with different schedules, it is difficult to keep track. If you know it on site, set the schedule (or ...more »

Submitted by (@supportdccnederland)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GFI MAX RM: Acronis support

Add Acronis Backup & Recovery checks


- ABR10 Server for Windows

- ABR10 Server for Linus (in Linux Agent, soon to be released)

- ABR10 Advanced Server

- ABR10 Advanced Server SBS Edition

- ABR10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition

- ABR10 Workstation

- ABR10 Advanced Workstation


Inclusion of Image verification for be ever greater

Submitted by (@rickhebly)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GFI MAX RM: Virtual Server Template

One of the tougher monitoring setups it that of the virtualised servers, especially to monitor the physical hardware rather then the allocated virtual capacities. While virtualisation is becoming mainstream even in the SMB a growing number of IT services providers struggle with the monitoring setup, even across all RMM vendors. GFI MAX would help its partners a lot and simultaniously create a great competitive edge if ...more »

Submitted by (@rickhebly)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Site Level Dashboard Access

Currently, we can give a client a gobal dashboard access user account for all of their sites, which is important. However, in a more distributed environment, it would be helpful to give other site admins credentials for a particular site or sites. Since user credentials must be unique, I can already see a problem if a particular admin has responsibility for more than one site. So, if the suggestion makes sense to implement, ...more »

Submitted by (@robertralston)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

A check that alerts whenever a server is waiting for a reboot

Would it be possible to make a check that alerts whenever a server is waiting for a reboot? For example when automatic updates are enabled, the machine is not automatically rebooted, but the installer-service is waiting for the reboot and thus can not accept any new installations. Sometimes this is not clear at first and takes time to find out.

Submitted by (@bleenen)