MSP N-central


Allow users to remember 2-factor authentication on devices they trust and have them re-authenticate after a certain number of days.

This would make this less of a pain to access N-Central from a trusted work computer, yet keep it secure for access from other computers.


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Mail Assure

Backup Code Prompt When Setting Up 2FA

When a user sets up two-factor authentication in Mail Assure, there is no recovery code given after finishing setup. When logging into Mail Assure, there is no prompt for a recovery code, and nowhere to put in a recovery code in case a user encounters issues with 2FA. After a user sets up 2FA for their login, they have a button which provides them with Backup Codes in case they encounter issues with 2FA (this provides ...more »


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MSP N-central

ESET 2FA support

ESET has a very robust 2FA proposition. Being that N-Central is a system that has to have security in the top of it's priorities, I would suggest support for more 2FA products like ESET 2FA. ESET 2FA has all the API documentation readily available for development of support in applications.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Must Fix 2FA, IP Restrictions, timeouts

The phone calls, emails, and numerous complaints on here should make it self-evident already. There are a ton of them so there's really no single place to post my thoughts without repeating the same information on a lot of posts. So I'll start a new one and hope the community here might see it and add their .02. The new poorly-implemented IP restrictions and 2FA crap are a huge hurdle we have to deal with every day - ...more »


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