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portal remote control settings in mass

I need to configure the remote web page for some devices and not all, to a specific port, if such port is open based on SNMP/WMI.

I don't want to do this globally, just for specific devices with custom ports, like router management portals or know ports that are not the conventional HTTP or HTTPS, just a specify set of network devices, to be configure in masses/bulk edit for the remote control settings.


MSP N-central

Remote Access URI Changed to Second IP

Remote access URI is used as a second IP for remote connectivity currently, if we can change it to a second IP then monitoring as well as remote connectivity can be done through this. I would like this as a feature since we monitor SonicWall devices on our N-Central server and we need to monitor if the interfaces go down. If one interface goes down then we cannot monitor the SonicWall via that IP, and that is why we need ...more »


Solarwinds Take Control

Option for users to give support permission an x amount of time

sometimes engineers need to take control of a device when the user is in a meeting. as an example: the user gives permission to the support engineer to take control of the device, then the user go's to a meeting. The support engineer then needs to restart the device, but needs to call the user for permission again. This means that or the support engineer need to wait until the user is done with his meeting or call them ...more »


MSP N-central

Block viewing of filters/dashboards/repository items from above

I'd like the ability to block customer level users from being able to access filter/dashboard/repositoy items that were created at a higher level. I don't want to completely remove access to the filters/dashboards/repo as they should be able to manage items at their level and below, but don't want them being able to look into the items that were created at a higher level, since they're not a higher level user that should ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Active Discovery privacy breach with customer access

The ability to provide customer logins / access restricted to only themselves for self-service offers great opportunities in itself but this option lead not only to problems with the policy management (as you are able to access all policies) but also the active discovery. If you have two different customers with a custom login for self-service certain scenarios can lead to both customers seeing each others network. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Notify user when remote session is closed

At this time, in MSP Anywhere or MSP Connect, there is not a feature that notifies the remote user that the technician has disconnected from the computer, although there is feature that do the opposite . The users complaint that they dont have a notification that we disconnected from their computer once we close the session. Suggest to add a feature so users are notified at the end of the session that we have disconnected ...more »


MSP N-central

Limit simultaneous remote control sessions

I would like an option to globally, or per customer restrict the number of concurrent remote control / remote management sessions. For customers with certain compliance requirements, we need to ensure we can account for every remote control session and change made on a per-tech basis. Maintaining a unique set of credentials for every device in every customer environment for each of our Technicians is not easy. If we ...more »


MSP N-central

Enable editing devices from SO-Level - not only customer level

We have the following situation: Our support technicians have access to most of our customers, but not all - e.g. some customers who quit their contract but are still in N-Central. No technician should see them, edit them or get alarms from them. We allow our technicians in N-Central 11.1 the access via an Access-Group, but obviously NOT with the SO-Level because not all of the customers should be seen. The following ...more »


MSP N-central

Unattended remote access report.

We would like to be able to report on devices based on their remote control method, and whether unattended access is configured. A "who changed this" would be great as well.


This would be useful to determine compliance in situations that require this information, and to easily let our clients know when they ask for this information.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add "Request Site Review" link to Web Protection block message

Users should be able to click a link in Block Page messages that creates a form that is emailed to an email address defined in the Web Protection policy. This would make it easy for the user to properly communicate the site that was blocked. The information that should be included in the email are below. The ComputerName and username variables will also need to be added to the list of available variables. Full Name: ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to access local resources through RMM secure connection

It would be ideal to be able to access resource configuration pages from the RMM. Example: right click on a printer and have the ability to open up it's configuration page directly from the dashboard. A secure connection would need to be established between the RMM agent and dashbaord to facilitate this, but it would help streamline support.


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