Mail Assure

Optional drop-down list of admins when transferring domains

Raised on behalf of Awaken IT.


When transferring a domain to another admin, an optional drop-down list containing the sub-admins of the currently-logged-in user would be helpful, as this prevents the need to remember the exact name given to the intended recipient admin account; otherwise, it can't be checked at that point without leaving the screen.


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Solarwinds Take Control

Search Option for Proxy

On the Admin website Area under Management > MSP anywhere Proxy, it would be nice to have a search function in order to speed up the process of finding a specific Proxy.


Unlike the agent the proxy name needs to be deleted when reinstalling the proxy, thus with a huge number of proxy's makes it time consuming to find the right one to delete.


Mail Assure

Access to domain for admins

At the moment the main admin account can create additional admin account but unable to assign domains to those to management.

This feature is available in Spam Experts but not in Mail Assure which is based upon it. Please turn this feature on so MSP can easily assign new admin account to staff to manage selected domains.


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