Mail Assure

Submitted by (@nathan.bennett)

Optional drop-down list of admins when transferring domains

Raised on behalf of Awaken IT.


When transferring a domain to another admin, an optional drop-down list containing the sub-admins of the currently-logged-in user would be helpful, as this prevents the need to remember the exact name given to the intended recipient admin account; otherwise, it can't be checked at that point without leaving the screen.


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Solarwinds Take Control

Submitted by (@shinga77)

Search Option for Proxy

On the Admin website Area under Management > MSP anywhere Proxy, it would be nice to have a search function in order to speed up the process of finding a specific Proxy.


Unlike the agent the proxy name needs to be deleted when reinstalling the proxy, thus with a huge number of proxy's makes it time consuming to find the right one to delete.