MSP Manager

Contract Alerts

We need alerts on things like Service Utilization, hours against projects and things like that. If we have an hour retainer contract, we need assigned users alerted when the contract is getting close, so that we know not to go over or talk with the client and so on. The manual way that you have to do it now is unacceptable to keep everyone up to date with things.

Submitted by (@melver)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Active Discovery - Connection alerts

Hello, It would be really handy to trigger some alerts when using Active Discovery: Here are some examples: 1/ The ability to set an alert when a given MAC address is connected to a mananged network 2/ The ability to get an alert each time a new device is connected to the managed network, or the first time it is connected These alerts would be SMS/Emails, and/or a visual warning within the dashboard. (just like a monitoring ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Failed Check - Assign Task - Re-run check

Hi, I have a successful failed check and run automated task setup for Windows Defender updates. However, the loop doesnt close when the automated task runs successfully. So I am left with an open alert and ticket. The suggestion is to run the associated DSC check(s) again manually. For full automation it would be good to have the associated DSC check run again, say 2 or 3 times max (to prevent an infinite loop on continuous ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP N-central

Chose specific services to put into downtime maintenance window

I know we can just toggle the monitoring of specific services to off, but we'd like the ability to have them automatically turn back on after a set amount of time - similar to downtime maintenance windows at the device level. This will help us keep from getting spammed by services that continue to bounce between normal/failed/misconfigured/whatever while they are being worked on BUT without the risk of someone disabling ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to check Applications and Services Logs Event Viewer

We would like to check for when certificates will expire. When a certificate renewal is due, an Event if generated under Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-System > Operational with ID 1003. At present the remote monitoring platform cannot monitor any sub-categories within Event Viewer. As Microsoft are now utilising these more and more, it would be good to be able ...more »

Submitted by (@dtyates)

MSP Manager

High and Critical Alerts via SMS or email to mobile devices

A very critical component is to be able to alert all engineers in an even of a critical ticket if they are on the job and not monitoring incoming tickets. The ability to have mobile device alert (it could be email to mobile devices) is critical to be able to respond in a timely manner to urgent client calls.

Submitted by (@mintcho)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Report and Alert mode for all checks

At the moment (as far as I am aware) only performance monitoring check have this option where when the alert triggers it can go into either "report" mode (Yellow Triangle) or "alert" mode (Red X, puts server into "error" state). Report mode is incredibly useful as it allows us to monitor with checks without creating a ton of noise. It would be useful to have the choice for all checks so we can individually set checks ...more »

Submitted by (@brad.reeves)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Allow adjustment of return-path on Alert Emails

As an MSP, I'd like to brand the from address in e-mail alerts and recoveries. However, when setting this in the Mail Templates, this does not modify the return-path in the e-mail. This causes my mail filtering settings to quarantine this message based on configurations designed to prevent targeted phishing attacks. Duplicating the provided custom from address to the return-path OR providing the ability to set your ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Alert When New Admin Account is Created / Logs in

Option to see and alert when there is a new admin account created.

Option to select which accounts should normally log in, then see and alert when different accounts logs in.


That could be useful in case of a invaded or hacked server, or even a shared administration, when someone creates and use another admin account.

Submitted by (@paulosgsf)