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Hyperion API service status details



I would like to extract custom status details from a service status in combination with the Hyperion API. With the class DeviceGetStatus I cannot retrieve the data I would like.


In our use case I want to get the status detail why a service is failing or succeeding. Like what CloudBerry jobs are running or what the status is.





Submitted by (@rinaldo)

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API call to start deep scan of MAV Bitdefender

While developing a script to start scans from afar for the Managed Antivirus Bitdefender

we've encountered the following issue:

At the moment you are able to start the quick scan via api call but not the deep scan.


Being able to trigger only one of the two scans seems a bit counter intuitive.

It would be great improvement to be able to choose which scan you want to start remotely via the use of api calls.

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)

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Get Failed Checks from API for a defined period

We want to do pattern analysis of which, where and when Failed Checks occur. I was disappointed to discover that the API only returns currently Failed Checks that have not been cleared, rather than any checks that failed in, say, the last 24 hrs. - or even better, a define-able time period. The current offering requires us to run our collection script every time a check fails and before someone clears the check. Failure ...more »

Submitted by (@chasvircio)

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Active Discovery - data from API and/or LogicCards

Hi, as the data from Active Discovery is not available from the API, there is no way to really use it, like listing all computers that are missing agent for all clients. We need to check customer by customer, network by network to have a full list. On large environements (like those with few hundred clients) there is no way to do it in an efficient way. It would be nice (for not saying mandatory) to either have access ...more »

Submitted by (@laurent)

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Network Devices access thru API

API is great to integrate systems and that's what we did here at PRO. We imported / synced devices from dashboard into our custom made PSA started from an open source CRM. Too bad that we don't have access to network devices in the API so we can import printers, NAS, VoIP Phones etc - it would be awesome if you guys do that!!

Submitted by (@florian)

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Webroot integration with new UnityAPI

Webroot just introduced a new API called UnityAPI and looking at many of the other RMM's out there they are starting to integrate with this new API to attract businesses who use Webroot.


If your company uses Webroot or plan to do so, please vote for this and share.


Learn more here:


API documentation:

Youtube intro:

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