MSP N-central

API write back to allow 2-way sync with Warranty Master

While it is great that there is integration with Warranty Master at all, we would like the ability for Warranty Master to write back warranty status to either the built in warranty fields or custom fields. Warranty Master has a major update coming in August 2018 adding warranty status support for networking devices such as switches, firewalls, routers, and AP's. This will be a huge value add for our customers and having ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Allow access to statistics / data for Take Control via API

It would be great addition if it was possible to receive the data of the Take Control report via API call.

To combine / integrate the session info and length to a third party ticket system and provide an easy logging for the user and customer this way.


Thank you for you consideration.

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

API Options for Web Protection

It would be helpful to have API options for the web protection statistics from the RMM dashboard. Currently there are API calls for all the other RMM functions, but the web protection offers no API calls to pull the information available in the dashboard to an outside platform. The ability to pull information based on time frame and have the options to filter and group based on category and website, just like within the ...more »

Submitted by (@idealmsp.paul)

MSP Anywhere

Add API Support to Get Online Techs

The start API has support for specifying a tech to connect to, but there is currently no method of grabbing currently online tech's. The workarounds are less than ideal. We can either: 1. Present a static list. But...if the tech is not online, the entire group gets the request 2. Write some custom script to scrape this report from the admin console. ...more »

Submitted by (@tim.rhymer)

MSP N-central

Add 'Device enabled features' to Web API

We are automating our billing and are retrieving the devices thru the API. It currently lacks the abilitie to retrieve enabled features on a device. The enabled features determines how much we charge for a device so we need this information thru the API. I'm actually surprised it isn't there yet.

Submitted by (@bastiaan.van.haastrecht)

MSP Service Desk

API Query posibility

I would like to make it possible to combine and filter data based on a query. For example receiving all information about:

- Client

- Site

- Device

- Device features

- Device backups

- Device virus


So i can determ my own columns and filters. Make it possible to load all colulmns and values instead of installed vs not-installed i would like to be able to see all other states like, failed, pending, etc.

Submitted by (@josjr87)