MSP N-central

Add 'Device enabled features' to Web API

We are automating our billing and are retrieving the devices thru the API. It currently lacks the abilitie to retrieve enabled features on a device. The enabled features determines how much we charge for a device so we need this information thru the API. I'm actually surprised it isn't there yet.

Submitted by (@bastiaan.van.haastrecht)

MSP Service Desk

API Query posibility

I would like to make it possible to combine and filter data based on a query. For example receiving all information about:

- Client

- Site

- Device

- Device features

- Device backups

- Device virus


So i can determ my own columns and filters. Make it possible to load all colulmns and values instead of installed vs not-installed i would like to be able to see all other states like, failed, pending, etc.

Submitted by (@josjr87)

MSP N-central

Hyperion API service status details



I would like to extract custom status details from a service status in combination with the Hyperion API. With the class DeviceGetStatus I cannot retrieve the data I would like.


In our use case I want to get the status detail why a service is failing or succeeding. Like what CloudBerry jobs are running or what the status is.





Submitted by (@rinaldo)

MSP N-central

Add "psa_integration" setting to customerAdd and Modify API call

Manually adding a customer / site allows for enabling the PSA integration, this option is missing from the API call.


Customers added with the API need to be manually enabled for PSA integration. Adding this option to the API call would save this unnecessary operation.



Submitted by (@rhuveneers)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

API call to start deep scan of MAV Bitdefender

While developing a script to start scans from afar for the Managed Antivirus Bitdefender

we've encountered the following issue:

At the moment you are able to start the quick scan via api call but not the deep scan.


Being able to trigger only one of the two scans seems a bit counter intuitive.

It would be great improvement to be able to choose which scan you want to start remotely via the use of api calls.

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)