MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support using MSP Anywhere through an RDP connection (iOS)

At the moment you can only use the RMM App on iOS to access the TakeControl feature but there a quite a few situations that require an RDP connection onto a device / dashboard and then using the TakeControl feature from there on. When using a RDP connection from an iOS device, i.e. through the app Parallels, to connect onto a device then using the TakeControl feature from there on causes MSP Anywhere to run into multiple ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Add Knowledge Base to the Mobile App

The Knowledge base is an excellent resource for techs on the go. It is searchable for tickets, articles and assets and allows file attachments. The ability to look up anything from admin passwords to how-to documentation should be at a tech's fingertips. The knowledge base is a vital resource that should be a prominent part of the Max Service Desk mobile app.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

API - App Control - View


Could we please add in the App Control information to the API on a client level please.

If we could have at least these type of fields that would be great

Licenced Users (Count)

Service: Max Mail / Google Apps/ Office 365 etc

I believe the only field which controls billing is the licenced users but if there are others please could they also be added?




MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Backup Support for 3rd Party platforms

Ideas from a client: 1) Do you know when Altaro v6 with be integrated with GFI. Currently only Altaro v5 is supported, but Altaro has released version 6. When we updated our client’s version the Remote Management started throwing errors and we had to revert our client’s versions back to version 5. 2) We also use another backup solution called cloudberry. Wanted to know if you heard of it and are planning on adding ...more »