Mail Assure

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)

More custom options for exports in SolarWinds Mail Assure

Currently there is only one way to export archived emails and that is by "Date Range". This does not work for companies who handled their customers emails in an archive. If a user requests and archive you can only run that export based on date range. I would like to see the ability to add the same functionality we saw in MSP Mail such as export based on certain mailboxes, or certain tagged emails. Just would like ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@alessandro.martins)

Archive column

Hi guys, I think it would be essential the CMC dashboard to have a column that shows if the archive is active or not, currently we just have one that shows the volume but in a case that the user deactivates the archive for some reason I will not be able to check this in the first page of the CMC dasboard, I will have to click on the device to see if the archive is flaged or not, imagine that situation with a bunch of ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@bag3ls)

Converting an existing restore point into an archive

With the 'backup & recovery' feature currently you can pre-configure archiving to take place on a schedule. You can however not convert an existing restore point into an archive. This might be helpful in situations where you've not had archiving enabled or a particular event has occurred unexpectedly and a archive from the point in time is necessary. I'd imagine implementing it something along the lines of accessing ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@gary.vmhosts)

Archiving Feature Expansion

A couple of things surrounding the archiving feature. 1) Include a column in CMC and or web interface that shows the number of Archived recovery points. This would allow for easier management of the archive points as currently, you'd had to go to show sessions, order by flags and manually count all points with A while also ensuring that that backup did not fail. It allows a quick overview 2) Automatic retention on ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@haochoi)

Set maximum number of archive sessions

Currently, there is no way to automatically prune the number of archive sessions there are in the backup set.


e.g. if we were to want 31 daily backups and 60 monthly archives (for 5 year retention).


As an MSP this is extremely useful for some clients who keep data for compliance, but do not want to hold data longer than the compliance requirement period.