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Custom fields within assets

It would be very nice to have the adability to add custom fields for assets. Right now it seems as though you are restricted to the fields that are listed. The fields should change based on the systems type (i.e. this set of fields if the asset is a desktop; a different set of fields if the asset is a router). I am moving from ConnectWise Manage and this sort of customization was available and was EXTREMELY useful. ...more »


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Separate Import / Ignore Buttons

Under the Import Discovered Assets menu screen the Import button is right next to the Ignore button. If a newer employee happens to accidently click Ignore and confirm the action when in a rush it can be relatively inconvenient. If there was even a single buttons worth of separation that would make a world of difference.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Exporting Software Assets for clients

Currently there is the ability to view the modification report which shows the software installed for which computer however, it also shows each individual update that is also installed. Clicking on the device, the assets tab and then software tab lays out the software installed which is what we need to be able to export into a csv file for each computer at a client's site to only show the software installed


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Wrong serial number shown in summary tab

At least for Lenovo devices, the summary tab shows the a serial number that does not tie up with the device when you search for it on Lenovo's website.


The correct serial number can be found in the Assets tab under hardware.


The [Motherboard symbol] serial number is the correct serial number where as its the [BIOS symbol] serial number which is shown in the summary tab. Can this be changed or made customisable?

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Adding / Saving notes with assets

Allow us to add Notes/Additional Information to Assets. From my time supporting, (and i dont know how others feel about this). I would find it very useful to be able to add notes on to my assets. Just so if i am returning to an asset after a while (or if i am viewing a new asset for the first time) an engineer note explaining the asset would be very useful. The idea can be developed further as per requirements of ...more »