MSP Manager

Submitted by (@daniel.hathaway)

A report for when user account changes are made

For compliance reasons, we keep a ongoing monthly export of all user account changes made by administrators in our systems. It's important to us to have the ability to look back and see what changes were made by an admin in the event of a disaster or unauthorized access event. Could this be a simple report to create?

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@cwidhelm)

Improved Auditing

There would be immense value in improving the auditing functionality within MSP N-central. Here are a few items I would like to see. Create, Modify, Delete for the following items SO, Customer, Site, Device, User, Dashboard, Discovery Job, Patch Profiles It would also be nice to know when services are disabled/enabled thresholds are changed tasks are run domain user management is used This is a start. I am sure ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

Submitted by (@tomstrickland)

Clear the NTFS archive attribute after backup

The backup agent should clear the NTFS archive attribute for every file it backs up. This is SOP for backup utilities and I was surprised to find that MaxBackup is not doing this. We want to implement a "backup audit" for our clients to make sure that critical data on workstations is included in the backup set. This is easy if the archive attribute is reset when the file is backed up but much more difficult otherwise. ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@paulodell)

Audit entries in tickets

I would like to see a note added in a ticket when an action is taken on a ticket. By an action I mean a note to say who did what and when. The actions should include: Creating ticket, change of status, change of who is assigned to ticket, change of due date, change of priority, closure of ticket, re-opening ticket,etc. for a change in status or priority the not should state it was changed from _____ to _____ so that ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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GFI Max PSA integration for audit trail

when GFI Max auto generate a ticket for a device removed from the dashboard, it should pull the user information directly from the audit report and attach it to the ticket that gets created in my PSA software. This will eliminate two stepping the process to find out if it was a legitimate device removal, or if it's due to a user or a virus/malware issue.