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Default notification profile for Probes

In v11.1, N-Central added a feature that automatically adds the default "Agent/Probe Status" notification profile to all new Probes. This is excellent... unless you don't use the default notification templates. I would like to have the ability to automatically add non-default notification profiles to a Probe. Preferably this functionality would be implemented through the existing Rules structure, just like any other automatic ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More Redundancies to Restart the Agent

I would like more redundancies in place to restart the Advanced Monitoring Agent. I set the Advanced Monitoring Agent to restart if stopped via Windows Services and the regular check. Service does not restart client reports there are no dependencies for the service to restart and am forced to manually restart it. This seems to happen all the time, so I would like to have other redundancies in place to automatically ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Failed Check - Assign Task - Re-run check

Hi, I have a successful failed check and run automated task setup for Windows Defender updates. However, the loop doesnt close when the automated task runs successfully. So I am left with an open alert and ticket. The suggestion is to run the associated DSC check(s) again manually. For full automation it would be good to have the associated DSC check run again, say 2 or 3 times max (to prevent an infinite loop on continuous ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Automatic Maintenance Mode (Hyper-V Host/VM)

--EDIT-- My original question is void as the server being rebooted if through MAX RM will go into maintenance mode. Therefore I'm changing my idea to, 'If a host were to be rebooted through the reboot or patch management options then can it automatically put on VM's on that host & MAX RM into maintenance mode too'. This would apply to hyper-v environments. It might be that this just isn't possible but a nice little ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Turn Off auto removal for single device

Submitted on behalf of customer Rik-Tinus Bosma of Puur Automatisering:


We would love the facility to be able to turn agent auto removal off for a single device. The tool is very handy to have on the whole but some devices I would like to keep on my dashboard no matter what. Can we have the ability to toggle this on for a single device please


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Agents push automatically to new machines

Currently there is a push agent feature via active discovery and the network tabs (although I find it quite unreliable, please improve it). It would be good, perhaps after some further updates to add functionality that means the agents push out automatically to new machines on the network. As the process in its current state is quite manual and a GPO deployment (if available) is still more favorable. To control what ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Monitoring Templates

Currently Predefined Monitoring Templates only offer Checks for Fixed Drive letters. Can we make these flexible? E.g. we do not bind the "drive integrity Check" to Driveletter C:/ But to a Variable - This way we could monitor any number of Drives, and the DriveLetters do get assigned automatically - if we then add checks - fifteen times - we could monitor 15 Drives, if only 4 are built in - only 4 will be monitored. ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

If AntiVirus is activated, other AVs schould be auto uninstalled

A Client is running the Monitoring Agent and use a Avira AV for example an now the customer will switch to the Managed AV from the Dashboard. He must manualy uninstall the old AV on every client to get the Managed AntiVirus running. It would be much better if the managed Antivirus will uninstall the old AV if Managed AV is activated on the Dashboard, like Symantec and many other AV can do. Its hard to switch a customer ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MAV - Automatic Report Delivery of Removed Threats

I would like the option to schedule an automatic monthly report that can be emailed out to my MAV clients that shows what has been quarantined/deleted.


The current report that can be manually generated is very useful, but an option to send it out automatically would make this scalable at a much larger level.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Auto log off feature

Recently there was an implementation of an automatic log off when idle. We feel this would be a positive feature despite it previously being pulled from the live version. It would prevent inadvertent access to the dashboard for unauthorised people at a particular PC. However this feature NEEDS to be configurable, for example 'Log off from dashboard if idle for X minutes' and 0 being never automatically log out.