MSP N-central

Run SNMP Actions/Scripts

I would like for the N-Central probe to be able to run SNMP SET commands and for these to be save as a script type object that can be run on demand or integrated into healing processes. Healing processes need to be to run the SNMP script against third party devices. For example, if I have a PoE powered wireless access point or security camera, if the connection service shows the device to be down, then I would like it ...more »

Submitted by (@matthewk)

MSP N-central

Dynamic CDP Classifications

I think this should be discussed now and considered so we don't have to wait another year+ to use this described functionality after the CDP>AM/AMP integration is complete. When CDPs are able to be used and set by AMPs, this would allow for better use of CDPs. The idea would be to allow us to create different classifications or groups of CDPs and dictate the permissions to each classification independently of each other. ...more »

Submitted by (@tyrellm)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Failed Check - Assign Task - Re-run check

Hi, I have a successful failed check and run automated task setup for Windows Defender updates. However, the loop doesnt close when the automated task runs successfully. So I am left with an open alert and ticket. The suggestion is to run the associated DSC check(s) again manually. For full automation it would be good to have the associated DSC check run again, say 2 or 3 times max (to prevent an infinite loop on continuous ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP N-central

Triggered Reboot

There's two parts to this feature request. I want a new type of Reboot Maintenance Window added (or add an option to the existing Scheduled Reboot Maintenance Window). This reboot would only occur if Reboot Required is true; otherwise its options would resemble the existing reboot maintenance windows. Use case here is different devices or clients have different acceptable windows to restart systems. Having the Reboot ...more »

Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Configure and manage "Scripts" through Management Console

At the moment it's only possible to set scripts (pre-backup and post-backup) through the local endpoint GUI (http://localhost:5000) and not through the central management console. I have to manage many Workstations where I have to configuare a pre and post backup script. This part of the software at the moment not fits the needs of an MSP. I hope this would be solved in a next version.

Submitted by (@richard.tappeiner)

MSP N-central

Automation Improvement: Username/credentials

Create a username input type. Right now when you specify password, the technician can select the device credentials password as an input. That's great, but in many cases you need to pass a username, too. The technician has to then know what the name of the device username is and that's on a different screen. Interestingly, in the drop down for the password parameter one could select the username, but that is useless because ...more »

Submitted by (@graham)

MSP Manager

Change Ticket Statuses Based On Rules

When we reply to an assigned ticket or start a timer on a ticket the status should change from Assigned to In-Progress. Likewise when we set the ticket on hold or pending customer reply and the customer replies it should be taken to a pending technician review status or something similar. We are still missing important messages since the system continues to e-mail us for the changes we put into the system, if we made ...more »

Submitted by (@swampfox)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Queue Monitoring Template/Task Application for Offline Devices

This is a repost from "LogicNow Ideas" because I'm still not sure about how LogicNow and MAXRM are related or unrelated. I submitted that idea 23 days ago and it is still pending approval. I like the new monitoring templates system--the ability to add additional checks and tasks through a "transparency" or layering system is fantastic. However, there is a HUGE flaw in its implementation. Ever since the change/removal ...more »

Submitted by (@mattzaharias)

MSP Backup & Recovery

ClientTool.exe Parity with GUI and Remote Command

The commands included within clienttool.exe are essential for automation associated with RMM tools. The accepted standard for functions should be parity between GUI, Remote Command and ClientTool. Documentation associated with Backup Manager configuration should reference each of these methods. The following gaps in ClientTool currently prevent us from achieving an automated deployment (I'm sure there will be others). ...more »

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