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AV Defender missed update

I've noticed that some of our clients' devices have not been getting AV Defender agent updates. Our maintenance windows are usually set on the weekends or late at night, so I suspect that the users are turning off their PCs despite us telling them otherwise. For Windows updates, there's an option to have the updates installed the next time the machine boots up. It would be great if there was a similar option for AV Defender. ...more »

Submitted by (@darrin)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support for recently released Kaspersky AV free

Currently the recent released free version for Kaspersky AV is not supported, so no DSC for antivirus update check can be configured to monitor this free AV.

As the Kaspersky is well received in public, the ability to monitor through DSC for antivirus update check would be really appreciated.

Submitted by (@mitchke)

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Implement a way to deal with missed scans.

We have some clients that have a lot of tablets or laptops that are somewhat infrequently used. Despite our attempts at running multiple quick scans a day, including some during business hours, these devices are frequently not on during the time of the scheduled task. It appears that there used to be a command line scanner in BitDefender. I opened a ticket with N-central support and was told that the only way to do a ...more »

Submitted by (@darrin)


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AV Defender - Toast Notifications - Better user Interaction

Rather than the completely passive experience that AV defender currently is, it would be better it it could implement some of the notification options from the standalone Bitdefender or Bitdefender's own white labelled cloud managed service; GravityZone.


eg give us a prompt that a file has been quarantined, a scan has completed and nothing was detected, etc

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Problem Server Filters

I would like to see filters under the problem servers drop down that gives me sight of:


Backup Failures only

C: Drive space check failures only

AV check failures only

Vulnerability checks only

SNMP failues only


These are the top 5 pain points and we can see up front and centre which servers are of a higher priorirty to troubnleshoot.

Submitted by (@markscottuk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Workstation AV Check reporting

Currently workstations report their AV checks via DSC at 8am, if the AV check is up to date, it passes, if it is out of date, even on the previous version, it will fail. Please can this be changed to a graduated scale so that workstations on current defs are green, within 24 hours is yellow, within 48 hours is orange and older is red. This will distinguish the workstations that have missed the DSC vs those who have ...more »

Submitted by (@markscottuk)