MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow setting performance limits within backup profiles

Currently, it is possible to script installation of backup software via the "Automatic Deployment" option, but if there are many PCs being installed at once, the initial backup may saturate the upload bandwidth for an unacceptable amount of time. Adding an option to set & schedule performance limits for devices using a given backup profile would allow for greater usage of the "Automatic Deployment" option for large ...more »

Submitted by (@tyler.helwig)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Document Backup should also backup Open Document Template files

When looking at the list of files that is backed up as part of the document backup, Microsoft Office template files are included but the Open Document standard equivalent template files are not. To be more specific, the .OTT, .OTS, .OTG, and .OTP file extensions should be added. Shows the current backed up file type for document backup: ...more »

Submitted by (@alphageek)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Archive column

Hi guys, I think it would be essential the CMC dashboard to have a column that shows if the archive is active or not, currently we just have one that shows the volume but in a case that the user deactivates the archive for some reason I will not be able to check this in the first page of the CMC dasboard, I will have to click on the device to see if the archive is flaged or not, imagine that situation with a bunch of ...more »

Submitted by (@alessandro.martins)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support Arcserve UDP v6.5 in the backup check

The backup check of the dashboard is only supporting Arcserve up to Version 6 at the moment with version 6.5 the agent seems to be unable to recognize any of the backup jobs.

This software has been released for quite some time now so it would be a great addition to the check.


Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Search Restore Tree

- The ability to search restore tree for folder names. This works for filenames with wildcards, but does not for folder names.

- A section within the restore tab so show all recently deleted folders on the device so that it is easier to locate what needs to be restored.


Feature Request on behalf of:

Andrew Melsom

Taylor Made Computer Solutions Ltd.

Submitted by (@daniel.sylvester)