MSP Manager

More Choices

It would be a great feature if there were more choices in reports, expirations, and service items. Sometimes without a lot of choices the reports and what-not are very limiting while trying to figure out the information I am looking for. As the Billing Manager, I have to run a lot of reports, and it would be great to see more options.


MSP Manager

Network Device Asset Service Item Billing

We're a new firm and have built our service offerings based on SolarWinds best practices. (Hint: Ask your rep for the cost calculator. Hack it to work for you!) Something with huge use potential would be automated asset import from RMM into the MSP Manager. Once the MSP Manager shows the asset (similar to what occurs currently with Workstations and Servers) we would have the ability to automate billing of dynamic network ...more »


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Mail Assure

Better billing integration with MailAssure dashboard

Raised on behalf of Awaken IT. A button or link to https://usagereport.swmailassure.com/ from the Mail Assure dashboard has been suggested as a Quality of Life improvement for users. It would allow quick and convenient access to the site to allow MSPs to more-easily manage billing for their clients. Additionally, more real-time billing information (e.g. number of billed mailboxes for that month/period so far) could ...more »


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MSP Manager

Allow Expenses to be billed as they accrue for Flat-Fee Customer

Pretty much the title, we have several Flat-Fee clients that are in the middle of large workstation refresh projects and we just noticed today that the expenses do not pass through when exporting to Quickbooks for invoicing unless the tickets are closed. Hourly service plans have the ability to be partially billed but for some reason Flat-Fee service plans do not have this feature. As these projects are typically large ...more »


MSP Manager

Need information on billed items to indicate the billing batch

I was just trying to find why a ticket was showing as billed but I could not find it in billing. What had happened is my tech changed the customer name from their contact name to their company name after it was billed. Lookin at the ticket time entries the only indication that they were billed was the "$billed" lablel in the header. No indication of when it was billed or the batch name. It would be good if it had "$billed ...more »


MSP Manager

Project reporting and billing

I would like to see better report and billing functions for projects.


I would like to be able to choose from a list of all active projects, no matter which customer, and create and export relevant reports with important data.

I would also like to be able to use a more granular billing function where I can bill project tickets separately and/or more visible project tickets on the invoicing reports.


MSP Manager

Automatic rate changes

Here's my scenario. We offer Remote Sessions with our clients but their is a $45 fee regardless if the session lasts 2 minutes or 20. After 30 minutes of the remote session our rate drops to $22.50 an hour. So first 30 minutes is $45, anything else after that is $22.50 an hour. The feature I'm requesting would allow this to be possible without having to manually enter the calculated bill for the ticket through a new Service ...more »


Mail Assure

Change the way that "Filter by default" works

We were surprised to find that the number of mailboxes we got invoiced for was way higher that the mailboxes set up in Mail Assure. It turns out that if you enable "Filter by default" on a domain. It filters all incoming email addresses, not just the mailboxes defined in Mail Assure Therefore, unless you have added all mailboxes for a domain to Mil Assure, you don't know how many SolarWinds will be billing you for until ...more »


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MSP Manager

Option to simplify billing workflow

Currently the billing workflow is a multi step process to end up with invoices in Xero.

1. +New Billing Batch

2. Review tickets/charges

3. Run Billing Batch

4. Create Invoices

5. Export To Xero


It would be great if we can creat a standard workflow and run it. e.g.

1. Review tickets from "Service Utilization"

2. Run workflow which will automatically run steps 3 - 5 above.


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MSP Manager

Ignore seconds in time entries

Let's say I start a timer at exactly 2:15 PM, and I stop it at what looks like exactly 2:30 PM. That should be exactly .25 hours, right? Well, apparently timers count seconds too, even though they don't show them. If I really started it at 2:15:01 PM and stopped it at 2:30:28 PM, and we have rounding turned on, it's going to round that up to 30 minutes. It might even say that the time is "rounded to .25 hours" when it ...more »


MSP Manager

Attach Price to Program Level

So right now Program Levels are just a collection of pre-defined service items. What would be nice is if the Program Level was a way to bundle service items at a different total price than ad-hoc al a carte service item selection as well as bundle our service items into a package and apply it as a per user price for user centric billing. That way we could calculate a per user bundle for a client, and then ship X number ...more »