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Bitdefender Quarantine False Positive

When Bitdefender quarantines a File whilst on Signature x

And then recieves a Signature Update - indicating the once Quarantined File as a False Positive

it will be logged as "released from Quarantine" in RMM

Can we recieve an "Automatically" added to that in this case? Otherwise it confuses the Customers.

Submitted by (@j.suckow)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Bit Defender needs to be able to delete filesnot detect only

I keep running in to an issue that BD only detect but does not remove infected files. It mostly involves pst but I have had other instances. In the past I was told to run full scan on desktop and that does seem to remove most. But this is one inconvenient and 2 does not seem to reassure our clients that we are protecting their systems. Detection with no removal is like having paper to protect me from a flying object in ...more »

Submitted by (@steven)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Command Line Interface (CLI) for Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender)

It would be great to have a command line interface (CLI) for managed antivirus (bitdefender). To scan single files or folders manually on demand. To avoid access errors during special tasks (e.g. build server; server execution ...). A usable return value (OK, blocked ...) would be necessary. There is a command line interface vor Vipre, but we want to use bitdefender and the cli for Vipre is very simple (no return values).... ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More MAV Bitdefender quarantine options

Some other options on the Bitdefender quarantine tab would be helpful. 1. I'd like to see an option to release from quarantine without adding a whitelist entry. In practice, Bitdefender seems to suffer from false positives pretty often. I would like to trigger a definition update, then release the quarantined files (without whitelisting) to see if the newer definitions will fix the problem. The policy whitelists get ...more »

Submitted by (@devincampbell)

MSP N-central

AV Defender - Toast Notifications - Better user Interaction

Rather than the completely passive experience that AV defender currently is, it would be better it it could implement some of the notification options from the standalone Bitdefender or Bitdefender's own white labelled cloud managed service; GravityZone.


eg give us a prompt that a file has been quarantined, a scan has completed and nothing was detected, etc

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Bitdefender - more precise settings for user notification

Currently we only have the ability to enable or disable ALL user notifications in Bitdefender. But sometimes this is not enough. We don't want to bother users with messages like "Scan started", "Scan finished" or "Update successful". But we WANT to have the user notification, when a virus is found or a program was blocked. Otherwise they sometimes don't know, why their program isn't working. Please add the ability to ...more »

Submitted by (@veronesi)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Different BD Icon for scan in progress

I'm switching customers from Vipre to Bitdefender Managed Anvirivus engine. They were used to see, while the antivirus was scanning, Vipre icon turning from blue to green... thinking about it I think it could be a good feature changing also Bitdefender icon reflecting the status "scan in progress".


Best regards !

Submitted by (@a.tosi)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Pause MAV Bitdefender as Client

So we have the option to enable dashboard access to our clients via edit client in the "view-only" mode.

This offers the options to use take control and Backup & Recovery already and we would appreciate the option to allow them to pause the Managed Antivirus - Bitdefender on their devices which is required to install certain software.

Submitted by (@mstein)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Bitdefender Consumer Edition Checks

Why can we still not monitor checks for any consumer versions of Bitdefender (i.e. Bitdefender Antivirus Free, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security, etc.)? These are products that many people purchase directly from Bitdefender and install on their devices. For some reason we can monitor the business softwares offered by Bitdefender and even have our MAV based on Bitdefender, ...more »

Submitted by (@j.mcbride)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MAV BitDefender can't stop scan, high resource usage



For MAV BitDefender, when will customers be able to cancel the scan locally from their workstation? There's not even a policy option to do enable this functionality.


Also, even in "low priority", we have seen scans ramp up CPU and disk usage to the point where customers notice. "Low priority" should mean "Low priority", not "Normal priority".


Thanks in advance,

Isaac Grover

Submitted by (@isaacgrover)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Schedule Deep Scan + Option to shut down afterwards

I'd like the ability to be able to set it to run whenever it's required. So i can eliminate the need to have to manually log onto the dashboard after hours and run a task. I'm doing system maintenance tasks during the day, and it would make things a lot easier if we could schedule a deep scan whenever we come across a machine that needs one. It would also be a bonus to have the option to shut down the machine once the ...more »

Submitted by (@will.casey)