MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Track Download of Branding Files

Currenlty Systray and Agent can be branded locally. Both download the images and then extract them locally. There is currently NO way of verifying that this Custom MSP Branding is displayed on the local machine. The only way is to remote onto the machine and open the agent / look at the Tray icon Please add a flag in the Dashboard for the Branding - so that we see an "active" when the images are downloaded and implemented ...more »


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Mail Assure

Enable Email Scout Report branding

On top of the following topics #1 (Better formatting of Digest Reports) http://ideas.solarwindsmsp.com/a/dtd/Better-formatting-of-digest-report/294373-4178 #2 (Scout Reports message actions ) http://ideas.solarwindsmsp.com/a/dtd/Scout-Reports-message-actions/300781-4178 #3 (Add localized Email Scout Reports) http://ideas.solarwindsmsp.com/a/dtd/Add-localized-Email-Scout-Reports/306899-4178 I definetely need the ability ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MAV Branding (re-branding)

We've recently undergone a change of company and had to submit new branding (logo) etc. Existing devices still show the old company name in the MAV systray (About), also in the list of installed programs. I've been informed that only new agents or an agent reinstall on the device uses the new branding - so existing agents deployed are set with the brand / company details and cannot be modified. Seems 're-branding' has ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Branding Icons - system tray, anti virus, web content filering

We should be able to change all tray icons for all services we pay for.


But specifically the system tray icon, when uploaded and no matter what size is downsized to 16x16 and made very blurry for some reason. It should be the same size as the generic icons.


I've already been in touch with support:


RemoteManagement Case 00807506 Regarding size of system tray icon [ ref:_00D50JVdw._50050vfvgM:ref ]


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Branding Improvements to MSP Anywhere

Currently with Teamviewer there are options to add a display photo and customise the text that's displayed when you remotely access a machine. With the introduction of MSP Anywhere last year, it needs to be brought in-line with functionality teamviewer has (at least where useful). The current branding options with MSP Anywhere are pretty thin here, we have the option to 'show visual indicator' which is essentially just ...more »


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Better GUI when using no branding view

Amazing development! Amazing product! Thanks!




Right now the Logiccards looks very nice when using branding/stock branding. However, when you turn off display of branding to get a bigger workspace view the button placement looks really strange.


Please do change this to a smaller icon when using the no branding view as it obstructs the view and looks strange.




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MSP Backup & Recovery

desktop icons for both Backup manager and CMC match Microsoft's

The color of the desktop icons for both Backup manager and Cloud Management Console match almost exactly the blue used by one of the standard Microsoft desktop backgrounds. It has been suggested that I create new icons in different colors but isn’t that sort of like trying to lower the river rather than raising the drawbridge?


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