MSP Manager

Ticket Status Updates from adding response, notes, time, etc

We are getting all of SLA breaches due to Technicians forgetting to update ticket status'. I think the problem is Techies are responding or working on a problem (so adding a response or timer) and theres no option to update the ticket status within the 'add' sections. You have to save then section and then edit the ticket its self to change the status. That ruins the workflow. What would also be good would be the status ...more »


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MSP Service Desk

Create Multiple SLA Levels - Set SLA Level per Customer/Contract

We sell different plans for customers, some need 8x5x6 and others 24x7x4. Service Desk treat both as equals, and that leads to bad SLA warning and breachs, hard to choose right priority. I think its a must to be able to create multiple SLA Levels and set the right SLA for Customer and/or Contract. Rules should consider SLA Levels too..


MSP Service Desk

Remove an SLA Breach on a ticket

If a customer calls me and I raise a ticket, I can work on the ticket and add my time but if I have not added a Response to the ticket it shows in breach after the time set. I want the facility to turn the Breach message off. The ticket has not breached but it still shows as such. At the moment I class it as "Breach shown in error" but that is not an acceptable long term fix. It is the responsibility of my company ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add visible tags to tickets like "Note Added, Prio, etc

It would be more efficient if all engineers assigned to the same queue would directly see that "a note is added" to a ticket, instead of being able to see this when the ticket needs to actually being opened, as the case is now. The implementation could be analogue to the “breach” tag… The “Note Added” tag could be removed for a specific engineer when that engineer has read the note, but it will remain there for the ...more »