MSP Service Desk

Uncheck the billable hours box when contract hours are > 0

Currently when a client has a support contract in place we have to manually uncheck the Billable box (Under Add time entry). This should be unchecked by default as long as hours are available to be applied to the contract. This is causing frustration as the billing folks are sending out invoices for customers who are well under there agreement. Please fix in a minor release asap

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Dual SIM status view in the dashboard

Looking to be able to see the information for all SIM cards installed in a phone, not just the primary. I have a dual SIM test device that only lists the details of the primary SIM card under the "Sim Cards" header. Would like to see all SIM cards that are installed in the phone listed here, including IMEI, ICCID and Netowkr Operator.