MSP Manager

Add "Invoiceable Items" to tickets

Currently the only way I can see to add "Charges/Invoiceable Items" to tickets is by using "Expenses". I believe that in Accounting terms "Expenses are somethng that you incur, not something you charge. I propose having an "Invoiceable Items" tab. 1. It should include a dropdown for Templated items that will prefill the price, description and accounting fields (Taxable, Mapped Item). The accounting fields must not ...more »


MSP Manager

Ability to add Discounts or Negative Costs to Expenses

We recently held a computer too long and wanted to discount a customer the labor costs of setup and delivery. We added the original labor amount and then attempted to add another expense but with a negative number (so we don't forget when it flips to quickbooks online) but it does not seem to allow negative numbers. Please add either a discounts section or allow negative numbers to be added to cost values since we can ...more »