MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Expanding API possibilities

First of all, forgive me my poor english. What I would like to see is an expansion of the API possibilities. We offer a service called "Managed Workplace Management". "Managed Workplace Management" is a combination of RMM, Antivirus, Webprotection, patchmanagement, backup & recovery, etc, each with separate settings. Now I want to build a script via API, where a dashboard user and a client group is created (or copied ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to Clone a client

Hi There, I find that setting up a client is a bit laborious. To be sure it's absolutely right, I'm going into the settings for each component (patch, web protection a/v etc etc) to make sure there as I want them.


It'd be really great if I could pick an existing client that's setup just the way I want, and clone it - putting in the new clients info etc.






MSP Manager

Co Managed Ticketing with Client

We have many clients that also have some in house IT. We would like to offer a "co-managed" ticketing system to these clients. Basically, if we could allow designated users at the client to create, edit, and close tickets this would be great. They should not be able to see our private comments on tickets. Also, we should be able to exclude "co-managed" tickets from reports if desired. EDIT: The best approach to this ...more »


MSP N-central

RDS Cal statistics and reporting

Good day! I think it would be great if there was a way for N-Central to discover and collect data regarding RDS Client Acces Licenses being used on customers servers. This could be generated via e.g. Report Manager. I contacted support, there was no asset collection regarding this aspect as of today, also if anyone reading this have a nice and clean work-around to easily collect this information on multiple host this ...more »


MSP N-central

Internal/SO/Client/site-level RSS Updates

It would be handy if we could use the N-Central RSS Updates feed ourselves, for internal announcements, client details, warnings etc. If we had access to this feature, we'd need to have have the additional ability to: -Prevent users from disabling the feed (or at least prevent them from disabling our internal announcements) -Control who sees these announcements (if a client has access to their company, we don't necessarily ...more »


MSP N-central

Installation monitor on client side.

I would like to have a icon in the lower panel with an option to have a pop message telling the end user you are pushing or doing an operation.


In particular, if I am upgrading the probe, agent, pushing a 3rd party app, or managed AV I want the ability to see it happening on the client end in real time as an optional setting.


It just needs to be a bit element that says it starts, and says it completes.


MSP N-central

Autotask - use Parent Account Contract

In Autotask, many of our Accounts are children of another account. The Child account may not have a Contract of its own, but instead utilizes the Parent Account's contract. We are unable to assign the Parent Account contract in N-Central mapping. Please allow us to choose the Parent Account's contracts in customer mappings.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Client startup report

It would be great to receive an e-mail/notification on when a laptop, desktop or any other client device being monitored boots up. In the case of the device in question being stolen it would be useful to know when the thief starts the machine up. That way we could remotely watch the criminal doing his business. And, if necessary, intervene. I know there's a lockdown task. But adding this would a great addition to at ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Grouping of Clients in a single user progile

We are a small MSP company that is working on switching clients over slowly. As an intro to the new system, we are starting people as MAV only clients. With that said, we don't have any checks running besides the MAV. This also is how we promote the remote support option as well and cover our cost. Anyways, it would awesome if we could group clients by MAV only or Fully Monitored, etc. without him having to create ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Qualify client names by partner to make globally unique

The current naming scheme requires that new client names be unique among ALL partners. For example, only ONE MSP in the world can have a client with the name "Acme, Inc." We were recently unable to add a client using the correct name because another MSP had already created a client with that name. This means that different MSPs who serve franchise locations may be in a race to be the first to claim their client's name. ...more »