MSP Manager

MSP Manager Scheduling Options

I would like some more options in MSP Manager. 1. The colours for the techs are too close together in some cases. Being able to select my own colours for the techs would be helpful. 2. If I move or delete an appointment, many other appointments will shift around. It would be so much better if each tech had his own column so that all of their calls would line up. This would make the colours for the techs redundant. 3. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Improvements to the Wallchart

I would like to see additional options in the wall chart settings to configure the display of overdue workstations. Currently if workstation checks are selected we see overdue servers as well (even it all checks are passing)


Additionally the overdue workstations that do appear show up grey rather than yellow. I would like to see this colour-coded to match the north pane in the dashboard.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Dashboard Icons - bring back the colors!

Based upon the update on 05/26/2016 with new dashboard icons , this update removed all the colors and whitewashed all the icons. Here are more details on this update: http://tinyurl.com/zjl8xwy The LogicNow RMM is a tool day-in an day-out. We need the alerts to be vibrant and easy to use and see. These are alerts and this is a tool. It does not need to be pretty. Also, my eyes are having problems seeing greys ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GREEN sites when no issues

Currently, If a site has an issue it becomes RED and moves to the top. If there are no issues, it just looks normal. Would like for it to be GREEN if no issues are identified. If there are NO Workstations or Servers in a SITE, identifying that by a YELLOW color would also be great. We have an ever moving environment and quickly identifying them by color codes is great.


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