MSP Manager

Contract Alerts

We need alerts on things like Service Utilization, hours against projects and things like that. If we have an hour retainer contract, we need assigned users alerted when the contract is getting close, so that we know not to go over or talk with the client and so on. The manual way that you have to do it now is unacceptable to keep everyone up to date with things.


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MSP N-central

Autotask - use Parent Account Contract

In Autotask, many of our Accounts are children of another account. The Child account may not have a Contract of its own, but instead utilizes the Parent Account's contract. We are unable to assign the Parent Account contract in N-Central mapping. Please allow us to choose the Parent Account's contracts in customer mappings.


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MSP Service Desk

More Contract Options

We need more options for setting up contracts in Service Desk. Currently the only option is for block hours. I would be really handy to have options for block of money and block of tickets. I have maintenance contracts that have limits on the amount of money the client can spend because it is subsidized by government funds and it is really important that I have an accurate account of how all the money is spent. It ...more »


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MSP Service Desk

Contracts/Billing Addition or Improvements

We are a managed service provider and the way we bill may be a bit different. We bill by number of servers and computers we monitor and support. It is like an all-inclusive package. We don’t bill for remote work time, we include monitoring and remote support and include MAV. We sometimes don’t charge for some computers such as a conference room computer or rarely used computers. These computers we usually have in a “monitor-only” ...more »