MSP N-central

Changes to propagation of custom properties

Hi all, Currently when making changes to custom properties at the SO level you can save and propagate,, but you will lose all configured settings on customer and site levels. It would be nice if there would be a save and propagate changes which will leave all already configured settings untouched and just propagate the additions. Furthermore it would be useful to have a checkbox on the customer property screen on the ...more »


MSP N-central

Report Manager Time Based Reporting

We are looking for the ability to have time based reporting. For example, we would like to run a report on resource usage between 8am and 5pm to understand areas of concern during business hours. This would allow us to better understand resource usage during a given time frame and allow us to more accurately make recommendations to clients based on data during heavy use and not during idle time.


MSP N-central

Custom Email Notification for Maintenance Windows

Some customers require email notification at beginning and end of maintenance window. Would be great if we could schedule an email notification within the same patch management rule, to email out a notification at start and end. With ability to customize the email, include brief description, header and logo of company, a signature, as well as include list of targeted devices. Perhaps even generate a report to attach with ...more »


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Solarwinds Take Control

Save Session History Notes

In the Problem Description and Session History sections of the MSP Anywhere Technician Console, there are places to take notes, but they are not saved on the console or in the Admin Area.


I would like the ability to save notes in the console, and be able to view them later on the console and in the Admin Area Session History section.


MSP N-central

Reports in N Central

We've had two customers ask if there is a report that they can run on all their workstations to show them the "Type", "Model Number" and "serial number" of the physical drives the workstation has installed. within N Central you can see this information if you click on the workstation then go to Asset-Hardware-Physical Drive but the N Central support guys told me it's not possible to create a report on this in report ...more »


MSP N-central

Custom asset information templates

At this moment, N-central is configured to get the asset information for a default device class on a specific place on the device. Because of this the asset tab on these devices has a lot of information. But for devices where no default device class exists, the asset tab on these devices is mostly empty. For example: Eaton UPS, HP storage boxes, … I think that it’s an innovative idea that you can specify which SNMP OID ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Branding Icons - system tray, anti virus, web content filering

We should be able to change all tray icons for all services we pay for.


But specifically the system tray icon, when uploaded and no matter what size is downsized to 16x16 and made very blurry for some reason. It should be the same size as the generic icons.


I've already been in touch with support:


RemoteManagement Case 00807506 Regarding size of system tray icon [ ref:_00D50JVdw._50050vfvgM:ref ]


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MSP N-central

Custom Assets

We would like to create custom asset information. (and the ability to remove asset information that we don't use.) We'd also like to modify/customize the Device Details summary that display at the top of the device page. Things we would like to add: gather a registry key for a software activation ID gather public IP gather current resolution of display I'd even settle for a "Custom" tab under the Asset tab where ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Custom Monitoring and Management Pane

Is it possible to split the Monitoring and Management pane to view problem servers and problem workstations as a separate hierarchy. At the moment if there is an issue with a workstation the client shows as red even if the servers are OK it would be nice to split this so we have a separate section for servers showing all clients and another for workstations. showing the same clients.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Annual/Monthly Reports

It seems that the current reporting system only goes back a short amount of time. But if you're using the Dashboard to monitor clients' workstations and servers, and they're paying you to do it annually, then wouldn't it be a good idea to give them a breakdown of what you've done for them over that year? It seems the Dashboard would strongly benefit from having the ability to pull up reports for the entire year, showcasing ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Glitch allows client to see all Clients on daily critical report

A customer I setup is receiving every client's critical report email as if they were an admin for my company. I created a user for the customer. I assigned the user to a custom role based on "Client" profile that I created. I assigned the user to a group with only his company in that group. Yet every morning his reports showed all the clients we manage. I spoke to Logicnow support and they told me that I need to ...more »


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