MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Behavior during "Site overdue"

Current Situation: When a site goes overdue, the default behaviour is for the site to have a red thunderbolt icon; the client does not go red, nor does the server; the server goes offline rather than overdue.


Change Request: When a site goes overdue, the whole client is red and can be recognized in the WallChart. The server goes overdue, not offline.


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Mail Assure

Periodic User Report Data Added to Email Scout Reports

Would it be possible to add the data from the Periodic User Report .pdfs to the Email Scout Report? The data that I would like to be added would be the data that displays total spam, total not spam messages received, total viruses received, total messages received, how many messages were handled by Mail Assure, as well as information such as "Mail Filtering checks each incoming message against a database of over 130,000 ...more »


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MSP Service Desk

API Query posibility

I would like to make it possible to combine and filter data based on a query. For example receiving all information about:

- Client

- Site

- Device

- Device features

- Device backups

- Device virus


So i can determ my own columns and filters. Make it possible to load all colulmns and values instead of installed vs not-installed i would like to be able to see all other states like, failed, pending, etc.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Automated Task: Temporary Files

Automated Task: Temporary Files

when selecting

the "System Temp Files" - only the " %WINDIR%\Temp " is deleted. - the german translation "System: temporäre Protokolldateien" indicates that also other Protocol data would be deleted.



on top of that - the Delete Mechanism does only delete Files in that folder- not Folders.

Thereby it does not delete Subfolders. - which displays it as "still filled" to end customers.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Fix Negative Values on Bandwidth and Performance Reports

Invalid negative data points should be excluded from the Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Report because the presence of large negative values causes the report to become meaningless.


As shown in the attached screen shot, a large "max" value of -200,000 MB RAM used causes the 8 day history report to be useless.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Global modification of 24x7 & DSC check-in interval required

currently if i want to change the 24x7 frequency check interval or DSC run time for multiple devices, i have click on each individual workstation or server and make the modification manually. this is ideal for working on on few devices at a time, but currently i have a need to change over 190 workstations 24x7 frequency intervals, but find the manual method will take too long. there should be a global or group option ...more »


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