MSP N-central

Submitted by (@jimshu79)

Feature Request - Filter out recently installed software

The software inventory report contains thousands of records when you consider all the users and workstations in a network. Being able to sort or filter out, by date, just the applications that were installed in the past x days, would be helpful in identifying what has actually been added to the network.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@ben.dvs)

Auto-Correct Date/Time Entries

It's a bit time consuming to have to make sure that my date/time entries are *perfect* when enter them anywhere. For example, if I enter "3/13/2018 12 PM" it say's it's invalid. Or if I enter "3/13/2018 12:32PM" (missing a space), it says it's invalid. I also can't leave off the AM/PM, or else it's invalid. Most websites use just a little bit of JavaScript to parse a date/time entry to convert a "common sense" (so-to-speak) ...more »

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@dr.wormhole)

Automatically assign due dates

There appears to currently be no way to set a default due date under ticket or queue settings, nor is there a rule field you can use to set a ticket due date. Our agents do not generally manually set due dates when they create tickets so it makes it virtually impossible to get any reliable data from reports based on due dates. While this could be addressed as a training issue, it would save time and make far more sense ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@neotech)

Convert exported dates from display to numeric format

Whenever a report is exported to CSV (or excel), the date is formatted in a display format. Converting it to a numeric format would allow me to format the column however I desire, sort based on true chronologcal order, and apply other data transformations without having to do my own conversion for every exported report.



05-JAN-2016 08:00 should be 42374.3345

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@neotech)

Add Clock Check check to detect erroneous clock settings

If a user inadvertently or purposely changes the date/time on a machine, it can cause the agent reporting and other checks to report erroneous results. The agent should include the local time as a part of the reporting to the host which should compare that to the reception time. If there is a significant discrepancy (more than a couple of minutes), it should be flagged as a possible clock error. e.g. changing the date ...more »


Submitted by (@delaneyit)

Correct Patch Release Dates

When Microsoft re-releases a patch/update, the "Release date" for it needs to be updated to the correct date in the console. A few examples: 1) KB2952664 has been re-released quite a few times now from MS, but the release date in the cloud console still shows as "22-Apr-2014". 2) An August 2014 update, KB2975719, that had to be pulled and re-released in September. The release date is still from the original patch ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@ianbadeer)

Patch Management Reports - Date Range Added

Within the current patch management reports, you can generate a Pending patches report or an Installed report, but not specified by date. I have a customer that has had PM for years, which generates massive reports that nearly crash browsers. I need a way to send them reports that simply cover a date range, so when they request a report of the patches that were installed last week, it would be great to have an option ...more »