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Automatic MDM activation / registration logging

Adding devices to MDM is usually a simple process, however, in cases where there are issues getting a device to register properly within the system (or, for instance, update owner information within MDM once registered), it is a very painful / laborious process to determine WHY that is happening and troubleshoot. The reason? Evidently there is no logging from the MDM app that is enabled/done by default, so it requires ...more »


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Red Flag for device

Please add the ability to 'Red Flag' a device that requires special handling. The Red Flag should be visible on that device regardless of the dashboard or device view. It should have its own note structure to inform the technician of any special instructions regarding that device. Eg. a server that should not be rebooted or altered during a blackout window, Or that the device is restricted access, or that the device ...more »


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Make Rules Great Again! Allow device property settings to be set

here we are almost a decade later and it's still not possible to set "unschedueld downtime" or "update monitored ip" via rule.

Support have now banned the abilit yot do so via a NAC advanced script and doing it via a manual bulk edit is what we've been trying to avoid.

So let's make rules great again and allow the setting of any device property you can do manually!


MSP Backup & Recovery

Deleted Backup (Device)

It would be a good to have the following when a device backup is deleted on the console

1. Immediate notification to all admins and possibly end-users by email

2. Ability to restore the device in case it was inadvertantly deleted


At the moment it is way too easy to delete backups (there is another feature request to put in a password option).


MSP N-central

Device - Task Status - Actually take you to the individual task

This has been the case for years; Why doesn't clicking on the task status on a specific device's associations take you to that specific task status? It instead takes you to the entire task output at the site, customer, or device level depending on where you access the device from. This means that instead of getting the one task output I actually want, I'm having to wade through thousands of entries that aren't event sorted ...more »


MSP N-central

Hierarchical Notification Windows

I would like to be able to apply a "notification window" to a device, site and/or company directly or via a rule. The most specific setting wins. This will provide the ability to set up simplified notifications so that administrators don't need to take into account all the possible permutations of service levels for notifications. They simply say, "I want to be notified about X when it is important to the customer/site/device." ...more »


MSP N-central

Correlated Notifications - Cross-Device Dependancies

Here's a huge one that would help eliminate alerting noise, and i know it's not simple as it's been on the request backlog for years.

Give us the ability to craft cross-device dependancies to avoid tickets creation.

eg if I have an notification for the gateway being down, i don't also need notifications for agent status being failed on the servers behind this.