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Monitoring Service for Solarwinds Backups Recovery Console

I asked support about a way to monitoring the status of a restore done through Recovery Console and they deemed it "impossible" at this time. Apparently, the logs are only stored in the cloud and not locally removing the same functionality that Backup Manager has to be able to be monitored through N-Central. Create a way to monitor restores via Recovery Console so we can actively monitor the restores without having to ...more »


MSP Manager

A report for when user account changes are made

For compliance reasons, we keep a ongoing monthly export of all user account changes made by administrators in our systems. It's important to us to have the ability to look back and see what changes were made by an admin in the event of a disaster or unauthorized access event. Could this be a simple report to create?

MSP Backup & Recovery

Dual SpeedVault locations

Would like to be able to specifiy more that one SpeedVault location. Onsite SpeedVault is great for quick recovery of indiviual files or servers, however in the event of a disaster and using VDR in another location, restore times can be very long. If we could specifiy a second SpeedVault location at a disaster recovery site connected via site to site VPN, this could significantly reduce disaster recover times.


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MSP Backup & Recovery

Online Backup - DR via USB

The GFI online backup service has a free seeding service whereby a 4TB drive is sent to the customer site so that an initial backup can be copied to it, the drive returned to GFI and copied to the data centre. In the event of a disaster, it would be handy for the latest backup to be sent to the client site in a similar manner. Otherwise, clients may have to wait days for GBs or TBs of data to be downloaded. This could ...more »


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