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Discover whether a device is on Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup.

I want to determine whether the logged in user is a Microsoft Azure, AD, Workgroup account in used by an agent. This would be most importantly when deploying agents, when auto-discovery-and-probe finds a windows device and can't install the agent due to credential mismatch, because this device is on the network but is part of some other domain controller, Azure, AD, or Workgroup. This is specially problematic with windows ...more »


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Active Discovery - Connection alerts

Hello, It would be really handy to trigger some alerts when using Active Discovery: Here are some examples: 1/ The ability to set an alert when a given MAC address is connected to a mananged network 2/ The ability to get an alert each time a new device is connected to the managed network, or the first time it is connected These alerts would be SMS/Emails, and/or a visual warning within the dashboard. (just like a monitoring ...more »


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Agent Asset Scan

Along with the scheduled scan time that is in Device Details\Settings\Local Agent, please set it up so that Windows Agent perform an asset scan on service start up so that if a machine is offline normally at the time of the scheduled scan time it will still get updated in our system. It can be pretty common for workstations/laptops to be brought online just for our onboarding when normally they might be online during ...more »


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Bring back the ability to Merge Devices

A long time ago, N-Able thought they had fixed the reason duplicate devices were being created and decided to remove the ability to merge devices.

They did not (especially when sites were introduced and re-installs occur using the wrong id), so we've still been seeing duplicate devices being created ever since.

Please bring back th eoption to merge!!!


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Presales audit tool.

Would like to have a discovery tool with generic reports to help promote sales. 1) I would love to see a tool that can be loaded on a laptop that can be used to do a complete audit of a network. 2) it needs to collect machine hardware information, warranty start and finish dates. 3) analyze anti-malware products installed and expiration dates 4)report to clearly define the n-able licenses need to support the discovered ...more »


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Network discovery notifications

Is there a way to configure network discovery to generate an alert when a new device is detected on the network. I can manually review the list of connected devices and sort them by date, but I'd like some sort of push notification when a new device is discovered.


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Agents push automatically to new machines

Currently there is a push agent feature via active discovery and the network tabs (although I find it quite unreliable, please improve it). It would be good, perhaps after some further updates to add functionality that means the agents push out automatically to new machines on the network. As the process in its current state is quite manual and a GPO deployment (if available) is still more favorable. To control what ...more »


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Tunnel non-Agent Traffic through SSL - improve Active Discovery

Our team came up with this great idea: In the Network management tab, integrate a context-sensitive submenu (or similar) which incorporates Links like: - Access in Browser - Start SSH console - Start Telnet console - ... (See attached image) The traffic would get tunneled through HTTPS to the customers network (e.g. through the preferred or any Active Discovery Agent) and being SNATed there. (Just like the MOB/IASO technique, ...more »


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Network Diagram Creation

This might already been in the pipeline for the 'network discovery' feature in RM. But it would be ideal if it could put together a network diagram automatically based off the information that is available to it. I understand it might not be perfect or the diagrams generated are 100% accurate or represented in a way that the client wants but it would definitely allow for easier visualization of the network and assist ...more »